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Stellar Kart-We Cant Stand Sitting Down

Average User Rating: 8 out of 10
Total votes: 19 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 13


03.Me And Jesus
04.Lose Control
05.Hold On
06.Always Waiting
07.Only Wanted
08.Finding Out
09.Wishes And Dreams
10.I'm Pretty Good
11.I Wanna Live
12.Angels In Chorus
13.(Blank Track)
14.(Hidden Track)

Posted on 01-17-2008 by StellarFreak
Its a great cd .yes the last couple sons sound the same but no cd is perfect

Posted on 03-20-2007 by punkrockabily52
Good stuff but it was to repetive. I had preordered it and got the song lifeguard which you could of only got if you preordered it and it is my favorite song on the CD. I will give it a 8

Posted on 03-20-2007 by Gsus_Rawks
yeah. I liked it, It was good. 8 of 10

Posted on 05-10-2007 by Emma**
and stellar kart is coming to holland

Posted on 05-12-2007 by Oh!Gravity
8 of 10. Activate, Me and Jesus, and Lose Control are the best.

Posted on 08-23-2007 by Kristen'sGuitar
7. Not wonderfully amazing but still pretty cool. It gets boring after a while though.

Posted on 09-19-2007 by Willib 14
I think stellar kart is one of the better christian bands

Posted on 09-20-2007 by RK_lover
Most of the songs do sound the same after a while, but I really like Procrastinating, Activate and Hold On. I give it a 7.

Posted on 10-04-2006 by AdamWest
Good job stellar kart, but this cd was too repetive for me. I really think that it just wasn't anything special.


Posted on 10-15-2006 by jael>rock<
well, maybe it was a little repetitive, but i absolutely love their song Me and Jesus. very well done.

Posted on 11-02-2009 by AwesoMene$$=p86
Saw these guys live with Kutless and the Newsboys and they did really good! Gave it a a 7 because they did good live. Cd itself.... 6.

Posted on 11-11-2007 by Relientk101
An 8 not a bad cd

Posted on 11-15-2006 by guitarguy90
Yes, they're a generic punk band, but I really like the songs "Me and Jesus", "Hold On" and "Angels in Chorus." Good stuff.

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