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Underoath_Cries of the Past

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1. The Last
2. Giving Up Hurts The Most
3. Walking Away
4. And I Dreamt Of You
5. Cries Of The Past

Posted on 01-24-2007 by guitarwannabe16
2 words: The Last. The intro is just wow.

Posted on 09-05-2006 by In My Mind
This is a very excellent album, and although there are only five tracks, it is around 45 minutes long.

This is not the underOATH you know and love from today, but a much different and severely heavier era of their musical career.

The lineup at the time of recording and release:

Dallas Taylor on the vocal chords,
Corey Steger as the backup vocalist and lead guitar,
Octavio Fernandez on the guitar,
Matt Clark on the bass guitar,
Chris Dudley on the keyboard and synth,
and Aaron Gillespie on drums and sweat.

Record label: Takehold Records (now defunct, IIRC)

These talented musicians had taken influence from black metal, thrash, hardcore, and a little bit of grind to make this record.

The vocals are very tight and Corey and Dallas have developed a natural way of working off of each other. Dallas has the midrange and higher scream, while Corey takes up the low growl often associated with death metal and its various -core genres. To express certain ideas within the lyrics, there are scattered spoken parts and even a few sung sections by Aaron.

Speaking of Aaron, the drumming is very technical within this symphony of chaos. He knows how to put up a steady and fast double-bass, but does not over-use it to the point of boredom and repetition. He does not fear going off on his own and performing the small tricks and licks that add up to a spectacular product as a whole.

The bass enhances the atmosphere of the album and keeps the songs steady when the other members go off on their own. Without this element, there would be much less of work with and from, and the fear of having to stay together would prevent the band from putting out optimum effort and performance.

The guitars work extremely well with each other here. There is a lot of trem. picking that shows off the technicality of the music and talent of the players. The individual riffs and licks sometimes seem minimal, but really add so much more to the songs. Constant changing of pace and style keeps the songs from getting "boring" or from "dragging" on. The occasional solo is formed around expressing an idea or purpose with that portion of the song, and the musicians understand the role that timing and working together play in making the guitars sound extraordinary.

The keyboard brings everything back home, together and fulfilled. The aura Chris manages to create with the overtures and subtle effects aid the creations in giving off the feeling that needs to be conveyed, the feeling that sticks with the listener. The keys are not overplayed to the point of their presence being cheesy, which is also a plus.

The lyrical themes about falling away from and coming back to God, recognizing the unfailing love he has regardless of who you are or what you have done, and how he helps in times of need are well done and passionate. Without well-executed writing, there would be no inspiration for the songs to take place, and there would be no reason for Underoath to play.

As a whole, the album is pulsing and adamant about its purpose, and serves well to the chaotic black metal and thrashy genres, and deserves at least a listen (if you can manage to find a copy).

Posted on 09-05-2006 by heisouronlyhope
Where can I buy this?

Posted on 09-05-2006 by akaukal
[QUOTE=heisouronlyhope;2603068]Where can I buy this?[/QUOTE]


Posted on 09-05-2006 by In My Mind

Or amazon occasionally. Also check out Act of Depression.

Posted on 09-05-2006 by akaukal
[QUOTE=In My Mind;2603427]Or amazon occasionally. Also check out Act of Depression.[/QUOTE]

I've got them both. I just got Cries of the Past but I've had Act of Depression for a long time.

Posted on 09-05-2006 by In My Mind
[QUOTE=akaukal;2603433]I've got them both. I just got Cries of the Past but I've had Act of Depression for a long time.[/QUOTE]

I wish I had my hard copy of Act.

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