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The Chariot-Everything Is Alive, Everything Is Breathing...

Average User Rating: 8.83 out of 10
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1. Before There Was Atlanta, There Was Douglasville
2. Someday, In The Event That Mankind Actually Figures OutWhat It Is That This World Revolves Around,Thousands Of People Are Going To Be ShockedAnd Perplexed To Find Out That It Was Not Them.Sometimes This Includes Me.
3. Dialogue With A Question Mark
4. Die Interviewer (I Am Only Speaking In German)
5. And Then Came Then
6. The Company, The Comfort, The Grave
7. The Bullet Never Lies, And Time Will Prove All Things(An Allegory Of Unfaithful Jerusalem)
8. Yellow Dress, Locked Knees
9. If Wishes Were Horses, More Beggars Would Ride Them
10. Goodnight My Lady, And A Forever Farewell

Posted on 01-24-2007 by guitarwannabe16
Great way to go with the live recording. Really compliments the music

Scogin proves again why hes the best. Great lyrics, great screams and growls.

The CD kind gets a little boring after awhile with the same dissonant riffs. Dont get me wrong im a HUGE hxc fan but it gets to me after awhile when a band rehashes the same riffs over and over again.

Posted on 08-28-2006 by DKelly
Oh. My. Gosh. This is one of the most brutal hardcore/metalcore CDs to come out in a long time. I like how they kicked the production and went with a more raw sound than a lot of bands have done. That is more than likely what makes this CD sound so chaotic and brutal. Plus, with Josh Scogin's lyrics, how in the world can you go wrong?

I give it a 10.

Posted on 11-28-2006 by ice_wiz
This CD is so brutal and raw it's crazy!! Maybe poor quality recording or original recording, I like it.

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