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Relient K-Apathetic EP

Average User Rating: 6.33 out of 10
Total votes: 12 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 13

1. The Truth
2. Apathetic Way to Be
3. Be My Escape (Acoustic)
4. Which to Bury, Us or the Hatchet (Acoustic)
5. Overthinking (Acoustic)
6. In Like a Lion (Always Winter)
7. The Thief

Posted on 02-11-2007 by AnotherRob
I like this album pretty well. I gave it an 8. It was a refreshing change of pace from Mmhmm, included a nod to the band's earlier album "Two Lefts...", and showed a forward progression for the band.

1. The Truth -- I really like this song. It acts as a good opener for the cd.

2. Apathetic Way to Be -- This, surprisingly, is actually my least favorite track from the album. The intro sounds to the previous track (although to be fair, this one was likely written first.) It sounds like a b-side from Mmhmm, which it should...because it is.

3. Be My Escape (acoustic) -- While "Be My Escape" has never been a personal favorite of mine, the mandolin and toned down feeling was an excellent variation.

4. Which to Bury, Us or the Hatchet? (acoustic) -- I greatly prefer this version to the original. If only it had the extended ending as on Mmhmm!

5. Over Thinking (acoustic) -- A more mature sound than the original, this is one of the highlights, if not the very best, in my opinion.

6. In Like a Lion (Always Winter) -- Inspired by The Chronicles of Narnia, a rather calm song. I like it, although to me it seems seasonal. I can't really enjoy it as much during summer.

7. The Thief -- Originally this was listed as being by Matthew Thiessen and the Earthquakes, the side project of Relient K's frontman Matt Thiessen. A short song which tells of love lost, this one will probably only be remembered by the most dedicated listeners.

Posted on 07-16-2007 by Relientk101
i gave it a seven it just doesn't meearsure up as well as i'd hope

Posted on 07-18-2007 by Rkchic[k]
i feel stupid for asking...what makes it an ep?

any ep, actually.
i've gotten so many different stories.

but, the truth is by far my favorite one on this ep.

Posted on 07-18-2007 by Relientk101
EP stands for Extended play(I think) And my favorite song on Apathetic EP would also have to be the truth

Posted on 09-04-2006 by Mike72
I love RelientK . Be my escape is really good . I give it an 8 . :yep:

Posted on 09-04-2006 by T-dub
good acoustic stuff on this cd!

Posted on 09-10-2006 by akaukal
Blah. I miss old school Relient K. Good acoustic work on this album, but Matt T.'s voice is just so...blah. I don't like the vocals on this album at all. They sound more whiney than normal.

Posted on 09-10-2006 by zero91
i was pretty dissapointed on this album. i agree with akaukal, i miss the old school rk.

Posted on 09-10-2006 by heisouronlyhope
I love this CD.

Posted on 09-10-2006 by InLovingEmery
This is a great ep...I only listen to the acoustic version of Overthinking now. It sounds so much better with the piano and Matt's tweaking of the vocals. I give it a nine, only because The Thief isn't really that great.

Posted on 09-12-2006 by akaukal
[QUOTE=InLovingEmery;2610593]This is a great ep...I only listen to the acoustic version of Overthinking now. It sounds so much better with the piano and Matt's tweaking of the vocals. I give it a nine, only because The Thief isn't really that great.[/QUOTE]

I actually think The Theif is one of the better tracks. Along with In Like A Lion.

Posted on 09-12-2006 by relient nelson
I found most of the cd... unninspired. Over Thinking and Apathetic Way To Be the exceptions. 6

Posted on 09-25-2007 by RK_lover
The Truth and Apathetic Way to Be are both worthy of being on a regular cd.
The acoustic versions were nice, but I didn't really care for the last two.

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