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Average User Rating: 8 out of 10
Total votes: 5 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 4

1. Intro
2. Know Me
3. Selah
4. Visions
5. Brown
6. One Day
7. Punks Rock
8. Breathe Babylon
9. Funk Jam
10. Preach
11. Reggae Jam
12. Full Color
13. Seeking The Wise
14. Live And Die
15. Outro

Posted on 08-27-2006 by AlphaSigma
two words: "loves it" :D

Posted on 09-03-2006 by DKelly
Probably P.O.D.'s most diverse CD yet, musically. I mean, when a P.O.D. CD have a funk jam, a reggae jam, a punk song(a lot more punk than "Without Jah, Nothin'"), P.O.D.'s normal heavy sound, and Sonny's rapping skills, you have a right to call it diverse. I don't really like this as much as [i]Snuff The Punk[/i] though. The sound quality just doesn't do it for me.

Overall, a 7.

Posted on 09-03-2006 by beau99
I gives it a 9.

It's raw, there's some nice guitars and drumming, and some other stuff I can't describe.

Much better than the horrid trite known as Snuff The Punk.

Posted on 11-08-2006 by cowboy322
This is definiteley one of their hardest CD's, and i definitely like that. i dont mind the rough sound of the guitars and vocals, the only thing i do mind is that sometimes the cd sounds like one big track. if u were listening to this cd fo rthe 1st time, u would think numers 2,3,4, and 5 were all the same song, just different words. But overall a pretty good CD. My favorite song would be Selah. There's just something about that song that makes you wanna headbang and mosh. Preach, Full Color, and LiVe and die are my favorite songs beside Selah.

Paul's rating : 7

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