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Falling Up-Dawn Escapes

Average User Rating: 8.53 out of 10
Total votes: 15 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 14

1. Searchlights
2. Exhibition
3. Flights
4. Exit Calypsan (Only in My Dreams)
5. Contact
6. Moonlit
7. Cascades
8. Meridians
9. Lights of Reedsport
10. Marathons
11. Fearless
12. Into the Gravity

Posted on 01-30-2007 by Te eF Kay
sorry I gave it a 4.
It mayseem stingy but TFK just makes them seem...not so good.
I saw them at parachute a few days ago and they were quite a bit slower specielly moonlit!

Posted on 04-22-2009 by fflscw
i think this one was an improvment from Crashings, the lyrics may not have been any better, but the keys and synths seem to compliment Jessy's voice and the guitars. they do a very good job with songs like Into The Gravity, but i am glad that they stuck with the guitars for Searchlights and Marathons. Exit Calypsan is one of my favorites, and even my brother (who doesn't like Falling Up) likes Moonlit! i didn't really like Exibition, and Contact is just so-so, but i most certainly recommend this cd! i would have given it 10, but i still like Captiva more.

Posted on 04-29-2007 by Te eF Kay
sorry that was a bit stingy:-/
maybe 7:-/

Posted on 05-04-2007 by telestarjammer
Like Crashings this is really good stuff. It has more piano and synthesizers but it fits really well.

Posted on 05-15-2010 by Darkhyperchaos
9/10 I think this is Falling Up's best album. The ambiance and piano are really enjoyable. The vocals are still kind of repetitive and average, but they aren't bad. There's some really good stuff on this album.

Posted on 08-27-2007 by Skater91
I like this cd better than the other one. I like all the songs on this cd and I like that I can play over half of them on the guitar. I like Searchlights, Contact and Moonlit the most.

Posted on 08-28-2006 by tl_guitarnut
I give it a nine, its one of my favorites, although they seemed to have toned their sound down a bit from their first album.

Posted on 08-29-2006 by shatteredshadow
i liked their first album better...

Posted on 09-09-2006 by heisouronlyhope
[QUOTE=tl_guitarnut;2582710]I give it a nine, its one of my favorites, although they seemed to have toned their sound down a bit from their first album.[/QUOTE]

if you ask me their first album seemed like Powerpop then Rock.

Posted on 09-09-2006 by heisouronlyhope
I like this Album a tons more then their first album......Fearless is my favorite song off this Cd.

Posted on 09-09-2006 by rockstar0173
the 1st was better..

Posted on 09-09-2006 by akaukal
Yeah, the first definetly blew this one away.

Posted on 09-23-2006 by ToranS
Falling up just realeased an new album that is a remix of many of their previous tracks. I'm a big fan of Falling Up, but I can honestly say that this cd is not that good.
There is only 1 new song, and the rest have like 5min piano/synthesized intro's! If you like that kind of stuff that thats cool, but the vocals are nothing new and there is not enough instrumentals!
See for yourself.
In Christ,


Posted on 10-11-2006 by the crossing
i like this album. i think moonlit is my fav song!
id give this album a 9 cos its very good and Jesie ribordys voice is a tad deeper making it a little more agrssive

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