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Project 86-...And the Rest Will Follow

Average User Rating: 8.4 out of 10
Total votes: 15 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 8

1. Sincerely, Ichabod
2. All Of Me
3. Doomsday Stomp
4. Something We Can't Be
5. Subject To Change
6. Necktie Remedy
7. My Will Be A Dead Man
8. From December
9. The Hand, The Furnace, The Straight Face
10. ...And The Rest Will Follow
11. Cavity King
12. Wordsmith Legacy

Posted on 01-08-2007 by sumfears
They are my new Fav. band.
Love the whole CD 10!

Posted on 01-08-2007 by Skeeter
Solid album, but not quite a 10 in my books. Project 86 continues to grow with each album, but this one can't top some of my favorites from their past. A solid 9.

Posted on 01-08-2007 by Ax
Excellent. I gave it an 8 because it's not perfect, but super-enjoyable.

Posted on 01-08-2007 by akaukal
In my opinion, this is their best work to date. I love every single song and I can listen to the whole album all the way through without skipping a single song.

Posted on 01-08-2007 by CRloveSkillet13
This CD is amazing. They are definitely one of my new favorite bands. I gave it a ten.

Posted on 01-21-2007 by Mr. claw
Someone please tell me what this cd sounds like in contrast to S.T.B.Y.B.B? I love that cd.

Posted on 01-31-2007 by monkeysmile
This is a good CD.My favorite tracks are [I]All of Me [/I]and [I]From December[/I].I give it an 8.

This is an amazing CD, and I would revote at a 10 if I could. I love all the tracks.

Posted on 08-27-2006 by ice_wiz
Awesome CD, best tracks are 1 and 2.

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