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Kutless-Hearts of the Inncoent

Average User Rating: 8.6 out of 10
Total votes: 20 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 15

1. Hearts of the Innocent
2. Shut Me Out
3. Beyond the Surface
4. Smile
5. Promise of a Lifetime
6. Winds of Change
7. Somewhere in the Sky
8. Mistakes
9. Push Me Away
10. Changing World
11. Million Dollar Man
12. Legacy

Posted on 04-19-2007 by Naragrath
Good CD, but as someone already said, it is pretty basic. LEgacy and Promise of a Lifetime are amazing songs, but Sea of Faces songs were more hard hitting and more catchy - I still like that album the best - especially Treason.
Legacy rocks though.

Posted on 04-20-2007 by +SEAL+
Nothing stellar on this CD, but it wasn't bad. I really did like a lot of the songs, and it's a progression from the Kutless I used to hear all the time. I think it deserves a 7.

Posted on 04-20-2007 by nbfan
It's too generic for my taste. "Hearts of The Innocent" the song stands out, but thats it.

Posted on 07-31-2007 by amlb146
this is a great CD

Posted on 08-01-2007 by Oh!Gravity
Winds of Change, Beyond the Surface, and Million Dollar Man are all good, but the rest of the CD is just average. I gave it an 8.

Posted on 08-18-2007 by Gsus_Rawks
It's not the worst; but it's their worst. I don't care for it, then again, I stopped caring for Kutless right before I bought it. 6/10.

Posted on 08-18-2007 by saveferris1643
Nothing really groundbreaking, but still an awesome Cd the way it is. I like just about every song.

Posted on 11-05-2006 by OneWithTheMud
I absolutely love this CD. There isn't one song that I don't like. In my opinion, every CD just keeps getting better.

Posted on 11-05-2006 by the crossing
hardly an imaginitve cd. very basic straight rock.
Never the less its still a good cd
8 outta 10

Posted on 11-06-2006 by Mr. claw
The whole durn thing sounds the same. If you listen to 8,9, and 10, its like...the same. Million dollar man is a sweet song, but aside from that it kinda bored me.

Posted on 11-06-2006 by monkeysmile
[QUOTE=OneWithTheMud;2668355]I absolutely love this CD. There isn't one song that I don't like. [/QUOTE]

My thoughts as well. I still like Sea Of Faces more though.

Posted on 11-07-2006 by Adam K
I gave it a 6.

Posted on 11-15-2006 by guitarguy90
My favorite cd of theirs. 10/10

Posted on 11-28-2006 by Naragrath
Yeah, I really like it. More raw than Sea of Faces, yet not as grungy as thier first album. They even added some of the more reflective mood from 'Strong Tower'. Thier most complete album, and one of their best. I still like 'Sea of Faces' more, but I gave this a '9'.

Posted on 11-28-2006 by rocker_chick
I really enjoyed this cd..i pretty much listened to it and listened to it until i couldnt stand listening to ti anymore lol

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