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Average User Rating: 8.19 out of 10
Total votes: 21 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 22

1. I'm So Sick
2. Fully Alive
3. Perfect
4. Cassie
5. Sorrow
6. I'm Sorry
7. All Around Me
8. Breathe Today
9. There For You
10. So I Thought

Posted on 01-03-2007 by c4gchip
Flyleaf is great! Definately good music! :)

Posted on 01-29-2007 by Dwight Schrute
9 out of 10 - great solid album. her live stuff on YouTube is pretty iffy (thank Heaven for studio vocal trickery and layers) but this album still rocks fierce. her growls make me lightheaded, it's like By Fire or Arch Enemy toned down for kids. favorite track on the CD - Sorrow.

Posted on 03-10-2007 by skye92
I love Flyleaf! Yeah, she's iffy live...but this CD rocks. My favorite song is probably Cassie.

Posted on 06-18-2007 by JerRocks2day
I'll be seeing them at the Creation Fest in PA. Hopefully, their next album will acheive platinum sucess. So far, they maybe close to finding their sound.

Here's my prediction who should produce their next albums:
(a) Howard Benson
(b) Terry Date
(c) Butch Vig
(d) Rick Rubin(great producer!)
(e) Brendon O' Brian
(f) etc.

Posted on 07-16-2007 by schecter777
Probably my favorite band fronted by a girl. Great CD. Top songs are "Fully Alive," "Perfect," "Cassie."

Posted on 07-27-2007 by Gandralph
This was a good cd. ill give it a 9/10. Lacey Mosley's voice is awesome.

Posted on 08-22-2006 by akaukal
I really enjoy this album. I like the sound of her voice and I like how she screams. Best songs are So I Thought, Fully Alive and I'm Sorry.

Posted on 08-22-2006 by GibsonGuy05
i am in love with this CD. my faves are I'm so Sick and Cassie

Posted on 09-05-2007 by livingalive626
Alot of people don't like the somewhat "winy" sound of her voice, but i luv it. I really, really like this cd...

Posted on 09-05-2007 by amigo1
Flyleaf sucks

Posted on 09-05-2007 by Sean
[QUOTE=amigo1;3031268]Flyleaf sucks[/QUOTE]
Thank you for adding to the thread.

Posted on 09-14-2007 by JerRocks2day
[QUOTE]Flyleaf sucks[/QUOTE]

Say's who?

Posted on 09-14-2007 by Sean
[QUOTE=JerRocks2day;3041078]Say's who?[/QUOTE]
Obviously he does.

Posted on 09-14-2007 by Iceman-bass14
I like this cd.I nromally dont like girl singers who scream but she pulls it off rather nicely.Favorites are Im So sick,Fully Alive,Im sorry,and the best song is definitely Cassie.

Posted on 09-25-2008 by taykey
i don't have the cd(yet), but i've listened some of the songs on youtube and i love it! but yeah, her voice isn't the best live.

Posted on 09-25-2008 by mokmok111
I love the cd. It is great.

Posted on 11-02-2007 by normajean777
So ya. I bought this like 3 weeks ago. I can't really listen to the whole thing because its kind of boring. I like the upbeat songs though like Fully Alive and I'm so sick.

Posted on 11-25-2006 by anewdoman
This CD is great! My teenage daughters thought that it had depth. I enjoyed the video where they went from "There for You" to "Hungry"

Posted on 11-25-2006 by beau99
I love Flyleaf, but Howard Benson ruined the album, as he usually does.

Posted on 11-25-2006 by akaukal
[QUOTE=beau99;2693162]I love Flyleaf, but Howard Benson ruined the album, as he usually does.[/QUOTE]

How did he ruin this album?

Posted on 11-25-2006 by Cruelty*free
^He's ugly

Posted on 11-25-2006 by monkeysmile
Good mewzik Shift +1!

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