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Becoming the Archetype-Terminate Damnation

Average User Rating: 9.41 out of 10
Total votes: 17 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 18

1. March Of The Dead
2. Into Oblivion
3. One Man Parade
4. Elegy
5. Night's Sorrow
6. The Epigone
7. Beyond Adaptation
8. No Fall Too Far
9. Ex Nihilo
10. Denouement
11. The Trivial Paroxysm

Posted on 03-02-2007 by guitarwannabe16

Isnt it "Terminate Damnation"? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted on 03-05-2007 by Adam K

Isnt it "Terminate Damnation"? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:[/QUOTE]

Yeah, I just noticed that.

Posted on 04-14-2007 by Disciple Freak
Great cd. But it is Terminate Damnation, not Terminate of the Damned.

Posted on 04-21-2007 by earlessdog
i like "Nights Sorrow" a lot, i like how they throw in some classical.

My last post i said that i was still a more of a metalcore guy, which i am still one of the biggest fans of As I Lay Dying, but i find myself listening to this stuff just asd much.
I gave this cd a 9 before, which i would still give today.

Posted on 06-21-2007 by 7yearsguitarist
Awesome CD one of the best metal CDs out there. but the album title is Terminate Damnation. :lol: my favorite song is elegy

Posted on 06-23-2007 by schecter777
this is easily the best metal record i've heard.

Posted on 07-19-2011 by HeavensFire7778
Becoming the Archetype ~ The Magnetic Sky !!!!!

Here at the end of the world
Planets fall and we are rising
Soul and sky are magnetizing
Here at the end of the world
We are witnessing together
The inception of forever
Time begins to bend
And then it breaks
When it's all gone
We'll be moving on, moving on
Lift the earth and like a wave
Carry us to shore
What a perfect
What a beautiful emptiness
And we will live forevermore
Crush the mountain in your hand
Drink the ocean dry
What a perfect
What a beautiful emptiness
To know that we will never die
A world within a world
A life that blooms in death
The blade that severs cleanly
Takes away the need for breath
A hand within a hand
A window in the eye
The heart becomes irrelevant
When the blood is on the outside
We have come alive
In this magnetic sky
We have come alive
And death shall be no more
This is what we were created for

Posted on 08-22-2006 by DKelly
AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best metal CD that a Christian band has released in a long time. Absolutely fantastic CD. This band includes some of the best metal composers in a while and an absolutely fabulous vocalist(just listen to the songs "Elegy" and "The Epigone" to hear what I'm talking about). This is easily my favorite metal CD right now.

An easy 10.

Posted on 08-26-2006 by quietloudness
I must agree, I really enjoy this cd. I like the fact that they can hold their own against any secular band in my opinion, especially in intensity. I think they used to be called remanant? am I remembering that correctly?

Posted on 08-26-2006 by earlessdog

as someone said, this esily overpasses most secular death metal bands out there. Easy. This is actually kinda thrashy. Good stuff. metal core is still a little more for me, but you can't not know this is some of the most amazing piece of work in the modern metal world.

Posted on 09-01-2006 by DKelly
[QUOTE=quietloudness;2573395]I must agree, I really enjoy this cd. I like the fact that they can hold their own against any secular band in my opinion, especially in intensity. I think they used to be called remanant? am I remembering that correctly?[/QUOTE]

Yes, they were at one point The Remnant.

Posted on 09-01-2006 by John Allison
I got this cd last Christmas, and have bought many cd's since, but none compare to this one.

The musicianship is incredible, love the vocals.
Metal at it's best.

Posted on 09-01-2006 by jjvacc
DKelly told me about these guys originally, and now they are on my top 5 bands. These guys are amazing -- really putting Christian music up there. If I ever started a band, these guys would probably be my "archetype"! (for the music that is)


Posted on 09-01-2006 by Adam K
definitely 1 of the best metal albums out there!!! I give it a 10.

Posted on 09-28-2007 by Mr. claw
Wow. I'm listening to this right now.

Physics of Fire sucks. Bad.

Posted on 09-28-2007 by Mr. claw
Well, compared to this, in my opinion.

Thanks to this, I can now say I love this band.

But, gosh people, Physics of Fire pales in comparison to this brutal masterpiece.

I can only hope they regain their ability to make a diverse, epic metal cd.

Or rather, decide to use it again.

Posted on 09-29-2007 by normajean777
That is completely true.

Posted on 09-30-2007 by earlessdog

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