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Mute Math - Reset [ep]

Average User Rating: 8.88 out of 10
Total votes: 16 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 12

1. Control
2. Peculiar People
3. ok
4. Reset
5. Plan B
6. Progress
7. Afterward

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Posted on 05-24-2006 by maestrotee
Their new CD kicks major donkey!!!! Don't miss a live show if you want to see one of the most amazing things you may ever see. They are on their way to greatness! If you don't have the new CD (only sold at their shows and now on their website) get it and study it!

Posted on 05-25-2006 by Kenny C.
I just got this today. It's really good.

Posted on 07-16-2007 by tl_guitarnut
Really good album, I'm glad they're getting popular.

Posted on 07-23-2007 by Gsus_Rawks
I just wish they had it on iTunes. I haven't landed upon it yet...

Posted on 08-11-2006 by stik
Great album! Amazing live show! these guys rock! i had never heard of them till i saw them live. i purchased their CD as soon as the show was over.
the lead singer is the keyboardist from Earthsuit. the bassist is also from Earthsuit after they broke up into two bands.

Posted on 08-12-2006 by poorprince87
Amazing EP! They've already come out with their debut self-titled album. Crazy awesome songs, no joke! Chaos, Break the Same, and Obsolete are some of my personal favorites, but the whole thing drips with originality and melody. Go to [url][/url] to get a free, [U]legal[/U] listen in to alot of their songs. Glad to see some have taken an interest in this new indie group.


Posted on 09-15-2005 by HolyRockJfreak
The cd was pretty neat, Control is awesome. The cd is kind of like an electronic rock. If you like Earthsuit try it.

Posted on 11-25-2005 by serialthriller
Every song on this CD rocks! Darren King's drum work on this CD is incredible! I hope they'll put out their LP soon. I heard that their live concert is even more amazing.

Posted on 12-07-2005 by Idw
I've some of the tracks on the ep when I saw them live w/ Mae, and all I can say is...they're great!

Posted on 12-07-2005 by Benny Hicks
I streamed some songs off of this album from their website and was [i]extremely[/i] impressed. I'm seriously considering picking up this album. The band has a very unique sound and I think show a lot of potential.

Posted on 12-07-2005 by Only Alive
I like Earthsuit better, but this is good stuff all the same. I give the EP a 7.


Posted on 12-21-2005 by underOATHrcks
haven't heard the whole thing, but ill check it out. Control and plan b are good

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