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Stellar Kart - All Gas, No Brake

Average User Rating: 8.44 out of 10
Total votes: 16 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 12

1. Student Driver
2. Second Chances
3. Come Back Home
4. Spending Time
5. Livin' On A Prayer
6. A Love Song
7. Superstar
8. Life Is Good
9. Tree Climber
10. Gone Fishin'
11. Finish Last

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Posted on 09-07-2005 by Napoleon17
not great, not horrible. I thought the overall quality of the cd was kinda cheap.
I liked, 'spending time'. I also liked the last track, 'finish last'
the rest of the album was pretty boring. the cover song didn't impress me. If your going to have a cover song on your album, you should at least have 12-14 songs on it. to me it was like saying, well, we are fresh out of ideas, so we'll just cover a song. 5 out of 10.

Posted on 09-10-2005 by DKelly
This is a good CD. Stellar Kart has a great pop/punk sound and I never get tired of it. The best song in my opinion is "A Love Song", which is just a great worship song. Bottom line, if you like pop/punk, do not pass this CD up.

Posted on 09-24-2005 by lumpycustard
I love this CD. I can't stop listening to the drum solo on Student Driver. "Come Back Home" ventures into Fall Out Boy style, while "Second Chances" Sounds a ton like Relient K. These guys are awesome.

Posted on 09-29-2006 by stellarkartdude
They rock this is a great cd i especially like the songs livin on a prayer and student driver they sound like relient k but are way better

Posted on 09-29-2006 by heisouronlyhope
I've only heard acouple of songs from this album but what I've heard I love/loved much love to this album :kiss: :giverose: :kiss: :swoon:

Posted on 10-18-2005 by rocker_chick
i love Come Back home...and spending time....also superstar
i went and saw them in concert and they signed my CD I LOVE IT

Posted on 10-18-2005 by HolyRockJfreak
I've heard "Spending Time" and "Student Driver" and "Life is Good" all good songs.

Posted on 10-18-2005 by stik
All in all a good cd, little short tho 8/10

Posted on 10-19-2005 by thechikcalledem
[QUOTE=rocker_chick]i love Come Back home...and spending time....also superstar
i went and saw them in concert and they signed my CD I LOVE IT[/QUOTE]

I agree, those are some of my favorite songs too. I saw them in concert back and March, and they were awsome. I just had to buy their cd

Posted on 10-19-2005 by rocker_chick
[QUOTE=stik]All in all a good cd, little short tho 8/10[/QUOTE]
yes it is quite short but i still love it

Posted on 10-19-2005 by guitarmonkey<><
I don't know. They (the songs) all sounded the same. And, way to "gospel-y."

Posted on 11-15-2006 by guitarguy90
I thought it was pretty good. 8/10. My favorites are "Love Song" and "Finish Last." The other stuff is pretty good too, but I just like the sound of (almost) all acoustic.

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