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Everything That Has Breath

Everything that has breath
From: Passion '99: Better is one day
Submitted by Michael Webb

E: 02210
B: 224442
C#m: 446654
A: 002220

E                    B
Let everything that, everything that
C#m             A                         E
everything that has breath praise the Lord

Verse 1:
Praise you in the morning 
Praise you in the evening
C#m                                     A
Praise you when I'm young and when I'm old
Praise you when I'm laughing
Praise you when I'm grieving
C#m                               A
Praise you every season of your soul
A                   B
If we could see how much your worth
A                          B
Your power your might your endless love
A                    B               A
Then surely we would never cease to praise you

Verse 2:
Praise you when the heavens, joining with the angels
Praising you forever and a day
Praise you on the earth now, joining with creation
Calling all the nations to your praise
If they could see how much your worth
Your power your might your endless love
Then surely they would never cease to praise you

Pick up the tempo and go into the higher bar chords of:
E: 779997
B: 799877
C#m: 9(11)(11)999
A: 577655

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