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Dwell In Your House

Words and Music By Paul Ewing
INTRO: A/C# - D2 - F#m7 - E (2X) {   GUITAR SOLO      } 
{with keyboard filler }

{1st Time Verse I and Chorus Guitar(s)} 
A/C#      D2
You set me apart
F#m7   E
Gave me a new heart
A/C#             D2
Filled with compassion
F#m7              E
To share Your great love
A/C#              D2
Show me Your way
F#m7     E
I want to know You
A/C#         D2
Guide me in truth
F#m7     E
My hope is in You

A/C#          D2
I’ll hold on to You
F#m7        E
My strength and my refuge
A/C#           D2
Whom shall I fear
F#m7          E
I know You are near
A/C#       D2
All of my days
F#m7    E
I live for You Lord
A/C#         D2
Establish my path
F#m7     E
There’s one thing I ask


That I may
A/D                     E  F#m7
Dwell in Your house forever
A/D                     E F#m7
Lifting up Your name
A/D                   E  F#m7 E     D
Dwell in Your house forever more

D2 E F#m7     E                     A/C#
Holy Spirit have Your way
F#m7       E                           A/C#
Sweet anointing teach our hearts,
D2        Esus4    E
Our lives, we pray

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