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  • To eliminate the pop-up ads. By joining our paid member program, you will no longer come across any intrusive ads of any kind on any of our pages. This means no no pop-ups, no pop-unders, no "invue" ads, etc, and this will be effective on every page of our site, including the forums. Text ads and some banner ads will still show up.
  • You'll get a free, ad-free, POP e-mail account "", if you want it. You'll be able to access this via the web, or using any standard mail client, such as Outlook. No ads, no cost.
  • Exclusive giveaways. We'll give away CDs/DVDs in random drawings every month or so, and only paid members will be eligible to win.
  • Extra goodies on the message boards. Specifically, you can use larger avatars than everyone else (125x125 instead of 90x90), and you can hold more private messages than everyone else (500 instead of 150). Also, we'll be adding more things for message board users in the near future.
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    We have lowered the price for this service to only $10 a year!

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  • Complimentary Christian Ringtones
    Dadamobile and CGR have teamed up to bring your favorite Christian artists right to your phone. Sign up today and get 10 complementary ringtones!
    Tab Country
    Did you know CGR has a sister site w/ country guitar tabs? Well we do! Its called Tab Country. It has a great archive with a lot of country tabs.
    Rockin Tabs
    Are you looking for a site that has rock guitar tabs? Then is the place for you. It is a budding site with many rock guitar tabs. Submit your tab today.
    Tab Gallery
    Tab Gallery has a compilation of christian, rock, and country tabs all in one place. Come visit us.