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Hi There,

Thank you for a awesome site. I am starting to play the guitar, and I love to find new songs on your site with which I can Praise the Lord. Your site helps me spend more intimate times with God, Thank you.

Please keep up the good work,

God bless you,

Glynn Williams

THANKS SO MUCH for your site!!

You saved my neck! I am leading worship for a youth group tonight and had the WRONG version of a couple of songs .... same title ... different song ....

You had the RIGHT on at your sight

God bless you!

Lori Burson
LBP-BIS/PSG ~ CRI Advantage, Inc.

Hi There,

My name is Dwight and we live in Carlsbad, CA. Just came across your site, major blessing! It's really great to see that the focus is right...Jesus! And it is also refreshing to see so many who are interested in sharing what the Lord has given them. Isn't that the way it should be... that whatever we do in word or in deed, that it be to His Glory! Thank You for being faithful servants.

By His Wonderful Grace Alone,
Blessed in Carlsbad
Dwight Vallely

Mickey -
I have a new guitar. One reason I got it was to lead worship in our adult Sunday school class when the regular leader is out of town. Your site has proved to be a outstanding resource for the songs we sing. My wife thought I should have a new guitar for my fiftieth birthday. At the time I didn't know if I would be playing enough to get something nicer than I already had. That was before I started playing praise and worship songs. Now, almost two years later, I have a wonderful instrument and I am determined to learn to play better. I am very interested in fingerpicking. Right now I'm working on the lesson on your site. I just wanted to thank you and also mention that the mp3's are a great addition!
Thanks again and God bless.
- Chris

I was just notified of your site today. We can truly say "thank God"! I was looking for tab/chords to dive from SCChapman and E-mailed his site and they respond with your address. I do a lot of music with high school youth groups and need music, lots of it. I hear a lot of songs some I can figure out and others not so easy. thanks again, I look forward to visiting often.
Praise with Music
jack comfort

Many thanks & blessings Mickey. I am so blessed to have found your website! I'm doing Christian blues in the prisons here in Texas, & I'm also one of the praise leaders at the church I attend. I came from a blues/rock secular background & now I'm able to share Jesus through music. Abba God is so cool!


I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how grateful I am for your awesome Website. I discovered your site last month and have been a frequent visitor ever since. I lead worship at my local church with a 10 member praise band. I also am the lead singer/guitarist in a CCM band called "Stillwater" which performs regionally throughout the midwest.
As a guitar player (Taylor 614CE), I have spent hours in the past learning new praise and worship tunes. Your comprehensive site has saved me endless hours of listening to CDs and learning the songs.
Thank you for your ministry to provide Chistian music to folks like me which ultimately enriches and enhances our individual ministries to serve and praise God.
God Bless You,

Steve Miller
Springfield Illinois

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