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The Capo
(By Tyson)
Revolution Guitar (Hosting the best online guitar lessons since January 1'st 2000)
  A capo is something that you clamp onto you guitar to make it an step or two or three or even higher depending on which fret it's placed on.  It's used in songs like "I've Always Loved You" by Third Day, which calls for a capo on the 4'th fret.  In effect, it is like your index finger because it bars the fretboard for you so you don't have to.  Here's a photo of a capo it's a Kyser off musiansfriend.com

Now, the capo on the image above is on the 3'rd fret as you can see.  You can get a good capo for $15 to $20.  Take it from me, go to your local guitar dealer and get a Kyser, learn from my mistake and don't get a $2 capo because they don't work unless you enjoy a high pitch buzzing sound in you music.

Now let me explain what the capo does.

Above is the D chord.  Now if you put a capo onto the 2'nd fret and do the D fingering boom!  It's no longer D it has now become E as you can see bellow

Here's a few more examples with D fingering.

F# or Gb

As you can see, you can use the capo to do any major or sharp chord with the D fingering which means you can use the capo to change the songs key.  So have fun with this and enjoy your fist capo.

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