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Bass Abuse (slap some fish)
(By Tyson)

   Hey, it's me.  Sorry it's been so long... I've decided to stop making excuses- I've been uninspired, okay?  I thought I'd make it up to you by teaching you to slap.  Slapping is kind of the bassist equivalent of soloing on the guitar, it sounds cool and makes you be the front person.  So if you're power hungry for band domination, this lesson is for you.

   Slapping creates a neat "pow" or maybe it would be better described as a "pop" sound.  Maybe it's a combination... more like a "popow! dunk dunk clunkity clunk" sound.  If I've confused you by the previous statement, feel free to ignore it.  It's really irrelevant and won't actually help you in the least bit.

    The slapping action is all in the wrist and thumb joints on your right hand as illustrated below.  Basically instead of picking or strumming the string, you wack it with your thumb.  There are allot of opinions on what part of the thumb to use, but I usually go with my right side on the part next to the fingernail, but a little lower.

   You'll be surprised how much practice this takes, but if you stick to it, it'll catch on after a while.  Now then, here's a little practice tab to get you going.


Practice Tab (To get you going)



Click here to hear MP3 of that

   That should keep you occupied for a while.


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