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Mutes And Slaps
(By Tyson)

   Well, this lesson is on mutes and slaps, so let's begin.
   How about trying to play some heavy rhythm, okay? 1, 2, 3... Go!  "Wait!" you scream, "I don't know how to play heavy music!"
   Well, I guess I'd better teach you the right handed palm-mute, huh?  Here it goes.
   You do it by placing your right hand, (unless you're on a lefty guitar) on the strings, just under the place where you normally strum and then you strum with downstrokes... Got it?
   Alright, let's try a few power chords with a right-handed palm mute.


   How about looking at the right-handed slap?
   Now when you hear the word "slap" either 2 girls in a fight or bass guitars probably come to mind.  Let's focus on the 2'nd thought.  I'm not really sure if a bass or a guitar was slapped first, but you'll hear the effect allot on bass.  It's that popping or clipping rhythmic sound that all God's children love.
   Here's how you do it; take your right hand and pound the strings over the soundhole with the meaty part of your hand.
   Let's try an example now.  When you see the X, slap away.


   Last, we will try the left handed mute.
   Place your lest hand across all your strings without really pressing down or fretting any notes and strum.
   Sure it's simple but it can be useful.  We'll use a * symbol for it. Try this.

 E * A A * E

   That's pretty much it.  Try messing around with those effects and... practice, practice, practice!

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