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Strum For Fun Part Two
(More Rhythm Guitar)
(By Tyson)

Hi guys!  Here's the newest lesson ever, (right now.)  If you haven't read strum for fun part one, I suggest you do that before partaking in this one.  Not that I'll force you to read it if you think your above it, but it does show my system for showing strum patterns and things.  Anyway, I started you guys out pretty easy, basically just getting you used to strumming more than just up and down, or even worse, just down.  (No offense punk rockers.)  I thought I'd apply what you know to a real live song.  I tried to get a praise song that just about everyone has heard so you'll be familiar with it to begin with.  Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus was the natural choice since it's downbeat enough for beginners to recognize the rhythm and plenty of chords for the intermediate guitarist.  Here is the chord sheet.


G         D         Em G7
Turn your eyes upon Jesus
     C                     Am   D
Look full in His wonderful face
        Dm        G
And the things of earth
          C         Cm
Will grow strangely dim
       G            D7        G
In the light of His glory and grace

Here is how I do the chords
G - 320033
D - xx0232
Em- 022000
G7- 320001
C - x32010
Am- x02210
Dm- xx0231
Cm- x35543
D7- xx0212

First of all I'll show you a strum pattern you might generally hear on it.  Click on MP3 example to hear about a 31 second file of that strum pattern.  It goes without saying that I am no great vocalist by any stretch of the imagination, but play along with it anyway... it's about the guitar, right?  Listen to that and do the pattern below along with it (down/down/down/up/down).  Listen in for the timing.

/   /   /  \  /
(MP3 example)

Now were going to stick in some right hand muting.  It's done by slamming your right hand's palm onto the strings.  If you are left handed like my sister whom I'm teaching to play, do that with your left palm, it should cause a percussive pop.  I'll show that as X on the rhythm graph.  So now you are ready to play it with the following strum pattern... right?  Check out the mp3 example and try out your new skill with that.  (It's the same chords as before.)

/   \   x
(MP3 example)

Now, there's just one more effect you can do with rhythm... well actually you can do sliding, hammer-ons and pull-offs too, but that's beside the point.  Anyway, you can also mute with your left hand (right if your a southpaw), by placing your hand over the strings just enough that it will make a popping sound, but not play any actual note and then strumming down.  So I made another mp3 with that technique.  Use my strum pattern below and see where you can go.  It's the same chords again.

/   \   /  *
(MP3 example)

That's it everyone.  I hope this lesson helped you to realize that techniques make a huge difference and can change a whole song for worse or for better.

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