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Help! Tyson Confused me!
(The Truth About Those Silly Scales You'll Find Here)
(By Tyson)

Hi people!  I've received some e-mails recently regarding the scales I've posted and how to read them, so here's a little lesson to clear up what I've posted.
Alright, here is the blues scale in the key of A.  It's available in the lesson on "scales". 

Now you're probably a little confused if you've never done this before, so I'll make it simple for you.  All the lines are graphic illustrations of the strings and frets on the guitar as you can see below,  (the lines going down are frets and the ones going side are the strings... compare the photo and the drawing... do you get it?)

To further clarify that which has been said, I'll give you a graph that shows what everything is.

Now obviously, you can't play all these note at once... and that's not the point.  The idea is to use the scale sheets as diagrams or maps of what would sound good in a given key and the creativity comes in when you pick out what order to play the notes in, which ones to and not to play, the rhythm and tempo to use and stuff like that.  When you stop just playing things written by other people and start composing for yourself; that's when the music becomes unique and brilliant.  Enjoy.

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