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Neck Notes
(By Tyson)

One of my favorite things to do on guitar is improvise along with another guitar... (who doesn't?)  But one of the first problems that I encountered initially in doing lead guitar was that I didn't know what notes sounded good with what chords and I didn't know how to find them, so I would just stumble around the fretboard, hoping the next note I hit would sound good.  So in this lesson I hope I can save you from the lack of knowledge I went through by teaching you the notes on a fretboard and how they work with rhythm guitar.  Let's begin, shall we?

Here is a map of all the notes on you're guitar neck... it's basically a key to everything on this lesson so study it carefully.  (by the way it's an illustration of your guitar neck if your gig-fiddle stood up and looked at you.  It's in standard tuning.)  Here is goes.

You could use this chart to find out the the G chord (320033) uses the notes GBDGDG and you could pick those notes anywhere they show up on the diagram and be in key.  Also, in the key of G are the chords, C, D and Em.  C (x32010) would have the notes CEGC and E.  Em (022000) has EBEGBE and D (xx0232) includes DAD and F#.  That means that the notes in the key of G would be B,C,D,E,F# and G.  So the in the key of G the essential "hot spots" are as follows.


In case you didn't catch this... I just showed you how to improvise solo's in any key.  "What?" you reply, "I thought you just showed me the key of G!"  No, you didn't miss anything.  You see, by learning those notes and their places you can do solo's in any key because you can simply move it down, or up a couple frets.  Say you want to solo in the key of A...  Well you don't have to say it, but you can if you want to.  All you have to do is begin everything 2 frets up, (instead of 0 the note is now a on the 2'nd fret, instead of 9 it is now 11, ect...)

That's all folks.  I hope you learned something. :0)

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