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Aloha Guitar
(By Tyson)

Hello everyone, sorry it took me this long to get up a new lesson, but I went about 2 weeks devoid of inspiration.  I'd like to thank everyone who sent me e-mails me during that time saying how the lessons had helped them to play better because that really helped me to regain my focus as to the purpose of the lesson page, to help Christian guitarist to know  how to play or play better.

   That being said, let's learn some Hawaiian music!  Come on, you know what I'm talking about... don't you?  That soft ukulele stuff that a person could hula dance to.  You know what I'm talking about now don't you?  Oh, well I'll teach it to you anyway.

   The Supertones do a Hawaiian thing on their timeless classic "Old Friend" so we'll use that scale here.  On the scale, the key of A has the F# G# A B C# D and E notes, so the scale is like this:


That will be our key to unlock the Hawaiian music player in you... or at least it will give you something to do.

   Let's start out with something simple.


(Click Here For An MP3 example)

As you can tell, this type of music thrives on the use of 2 notes at a time.  Okay, let's do a little picking with it.


(Click Here For An MP3 example)

By now your probably getting a feel for this scale so I'll end the lesson with one last riff.  Mess around with the scale allot and you might end up liking it... who knows?


(Click Here For An MP3 example)


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