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(By Tyson)

  Howdy folks, a while back, (like a year or so) I made a lesson called Alternate Tunings.  It had a large host of wild tunings for people who get tired of always using the same chord shapes and voicing.  That lesson came at a price, (I think I broke 3 guitar strings doing it!)  Anyway, I'm about to focus on one of those tunings, the one that is probably the second most common, DADGBD, or double Drop D.  So tune both your E strings down a whole step to D and we'll begin.
    First, let's look at how to do some normal major chords in DADGBD.  Here's a list.

A   x02222
A#  x13333  It's easiest to do with 2 fingers
B   X24444
C   x32012
C#  x46666
D   xx0234
D#  x68888
E   222102  If you only have 4 fingers, cover the 2 lowest notes with 1
F   xx3213
F#  xx4324
G   520005  Don't hurt yourself :)
G#  xx6546

   Back from the hospital so quickly? Then let's move on to the minors!

Am   x02212
A#m  x13323  I never said it would be easy
Bm   X24434
Cm   x35545
C#m  x46656
Dm   xx0233
D#m  x68878
Em   222002
Fm   xx3113
F#m  xx4224
Gm   xx5335
G#m  xx6446

   Try playing those shapes to one of your favorite songs.  That should keep you busy for a little while, so practice those until I get up the next lesson.

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