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September 14th, 2002

On September 14th, 2002, I had the opportunity to sit down with a new artist to the Christian music industry named Jeremy Camp at Festival Con Dios in Atlanta, Georgia at the Perimeter Mall. His edgy music and rough, muscular exterior might make you think otherwise, but Jeremy is a very down to earth guy with a heart for his ministry. Learn more about Jeremy and his latest release entitled “Stay” at

Brent: Where are you originally from?

Jeremy: Lafayette, Indiana…I’m a corn-fed boy! (laughter)

Brent: How was the first show on the Festival Con Dios tour?

Jeremy: It was good, good. A lot of the bugs had to get worked out, being the first show. The sound was a little rough, but it was good. People got ministered to, and that’s all that matters with me.

Brent: So what did you do before you made music your full-time job?

Jeremy: I went straight from high school to Bible college for two years. Then I started doing music right out of Bible college full time. I did independent stuff for three years.

Brent: Any interesting part-time jobs?

Jeremy: Oh yeah, I used to work at a factory back in the day making blinds…you know, shades. That was an interesting job. I used to do construction working in like 110 degree weather and humidity. I’ve worked in the corn fields…that was fun. (laughter)

Brent: How did you get in music?

Jeremy: I went to southern California for Bible college and just started meeting a lot of people who started asking me to come to church and play. Started sharing special music and from there people started calling me like crazy from all over and I was so busy I had to do it full time all over California.

Brent: Did you do your own music back then?

Jeremy: Yeah, I did my own stuff. Then I got an e-mail from the record company I’m with now saying “Hey, we’ve heard about you a lot…send us a demo.” So I did and that’s how it happened.

Brent: Who were some of your musical influences getting into this?

Jeremy: Right. I would say a lot of the alternative/grunge era was the start of some of my influence. Like Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, those type bands. Then I liked Dave Matthews…amazing. They’re all influences…people I used to listen to back in the day. Now it’s fun to kind of find my own knack with my music.

Brent: What are you listening to right now in your CD player?

Jeremy: Right now I have U2’s “Joshua Tree” in my player. That’s an amazing album. It’s a great CD. Also the “I Am Sam” soundtrack. Beatles songs redone by…like Sarah McLachlan, Ben Harper, a bunch of different people. That’s a really cool compilation.

Brent: I read in your bio the story about how you lost your wife to cancer a while back. How has that changed your outlook on life, music, and things like that?

Jeremy: For me it really made music secondary to my relationship with Jesus. Music is a tool that God is using for me to minister, but music’s not my life; Christ is my life. That’s something I’ve been living by. It’s drawn me closer to the Lord…through losing my wife I just had to truly grasp on to Him and fall more in love with him. Trust Him with all my heart. Definitely changed my life in that area a lot.

Brent: What are some things that God’s been showing you lately?

Jeremy: Just to deny myself and be a servant. Because it’s really easy when you’re being served when you come places with people like, “Hey, what can we do for you?” I’m trying to learn just to serve as much as I can back in any way. Not just by playing, but by helping in any way that I can. We’re called to be servants.

Brent: Do you have any theme verse…like a favorite verse?

Jeremy: Yeah, Acts 20:24. “However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me--the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace. (NIV)”

Brent: Does touring and doing the same songs over and over get redundant? How do you keep that fresh fire and awe of God?

Jeremy: If you stay in the word of God then you’ll get a fresh leading of new things to share. I share my testimony of what God has done, but there’s certain things that when I slip into the Word and let God speak to me through His Word and it’s a fresh thing for me to share.

Brent: So what’s a typical tour day like for you?

Jeremy: Wake up, a little nappy (laughter), bad breath, messy hair…all that fun stuff. Just regrouping when I wake up and try to figure out where I am. You don’t know what state you’re in, what time it is usually. Get ready to do some interviews and meet people. It’s cool to meet everybody. Playing…listening to other bands play.

Brent: Any really embarrassing moments on stage?

Jeremy: Yeah, I was jumping around one time on stage and got caught up in my guitar cord and just about ate my face. I caught myself, but it’s embarrassing…it’s humbling.

Brent: What kind of gear do you use most often either live or for recording?

Jeremy: I have an amp called Divided By Thirteen. A custom made amp that uses blue-back speakers from an AC-30. This guy used to work on Vox AC-30’s and…in my opinion he, I wouldn’t say perfect the AC-30’s, but he added some stuff to what they were already doing. I use an Epiphone hollowbody Johnny Lee Hooker edition which has amazing tone. I love Tubescreamers for distortion. I’m more of the rhythm guitarist in the band, so it’s the main pedal for me. Just the raw 70’s-type sound.

Brent: What should we expect from your new album “Stay”?

Jeremy: A lot of diverse and different types of songs. You’ll get to know me a lot through my album because I share a lot of my heart. The kind of stuff I deal with…and the faithfulness of God. You’ll definitely, hopefully, be encouraged by God’s goodness. Musically you’ll see some heavy stuff, some ballad/acoustic stuff…everything really. It’s pretty diverse.

Brent: What would you like people to know about you and your music?

Jeremy: Just to know that I’m here to serve the people and God’s called me to be a minister. Eventually I want to be a youth pastor or youth leader. This is just a starting point, a tool God’s put in my life to get out there and serve people. To serve and minister…that’s why I do this. I love music.

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