Artist Interviews
September 14th, 2002

On September 14th, 2002, I had the opportunity to sit down with the guys from an extremely talented band that’s new to the industry called Everyday Sunday at Festival Con Dios in Atlanta, Georgia at the Perimeter Mall. Their modern rock/pop sound is quite addictive once you start listening to them. Everyday Sunday is made up of Trey Pearson (22, lead vocals), Chris Hines (21, drums), Dan Hunter (22, bass), Andy Martin (21, guitar), and also touring with the band is Jason (guitar). I was quite bummed that they didn’t get to play the day I met them because their management would not let them go on due to the bad weather, but maybe another day! Due to the bad weather the guys ended up having a lot of free time, so we had the opportunity to hang out with them a good bit that day and found that they are not only great musicians, but an awesome group of guys as well! Check out the guys and their new CD at . Special thanks to Michelle at The Resource Agency for hooking us up with the tickets and advance CDs!

Brent: So could you introduce yourselves for our website visitors and tell us what instrument you play?

The guys: I’m Andrew and I play guitar. I’m Jason and I play guitar, too. I’m Dan and I play bass. I’m Chris; I play drums. I’m Trey and I sing.

Brent: Where are you guys from?

Trey: Columbus, Ohio.

Brent: How did you guys get together as Everyday Sunday?

Trey: The four of us are from the same church and our band was kind of friends with his band (Jason’s band) in high school.

Brent: Where did the name Everyday Sunday come from?

Trey: We were just trying to think of names. We didn’t have a name for the longest time. All of a sudden it was just on my heart for a while…especially in high school or college there are a lot of people who you see at church on Sunday, but they’re at the parties on Friday night. Just about living everyday life like a lot of people do on Sunday…being all out for God every day of the week. Living the same way every day.

Brent: So what did you guys do before you were in the band? Interesting jobs? (laughter from all)

Dan: Chik-fil-A. (laughter)

Chris: College didn’t really work out for a lot of us…

Trey: We all tried it…

Chris: Except for Jason…he’s about to graduate.

Trey: Three of us worked at an Amish restaurant… (laughter)

Chris: He’s serious!

Trey: Yeah, that’s not a joke…it was fun.

Brent: Who are your musical influences?

Chris: All Star United, Seven Day Jesus for me. I really love those guys.

Trey: Switchfoot, Jars [of Clay] was…everybody from like the Newsboys, dc Talk, that kind of stuff. I think even stuff now influences me. I listen to all kinds of different stuff all the time. I like a lot of stuff. Probably my favorite CD right now is Blindside’s new CD “Silence”.

Brent: That brings me to my next question…what do you guys listen to right now? What’s in your CD player the most?

Dan: Blindside.

Andy: Matthew…ever heard of a band called Matthew?

Trey: Yeah, that’s two of the guys from Seven Day Jesus.

Brent: What are some of the strange comparisons you’ve heard relating to your music? (laughter from all)

Chris: From Jars of Clay to POD.

Dan: Bruce Springsteen (laughter) Someone did…

Andy: David Gray.

Trey: A lot of old punk rock bands from the eighties. It’s weird because we don’t really listen to them… Like The Cure…old REM, and stuff like that… We’re like, who?

Chris: We didn’t even know them… (laughter)

Trey: Everything possible really. There are probably more bands that we do get compared to than ones we don’t get compared to. It always changes. We don’t really sound like one other band hopefully. That’s the thing I like about what we do. We don’t really say we’re this sound so we have to make this kind of music. We just write what we like and how we feel and don’t really set boundaries for ourselves.

Brent: What’s God been showing you lately on tour or just in life in general?

Trey: Patience. Well, I’m trying… Yesterday was our first show, so things are going pretty cool…we’re having a blast. We’re just getting our CDs in today…our awesome publicist (Michelle) brought us some because we didn’t have any yet. That’s definitely one thing. I’ve been trying to reach out and talk to people…like a couple of the guys were helping set up this morning. There were a few kids last night running around, so I just walked around with them a bit and kind of get to know people. Learning to not get in the routine of this is what we do, so lets get out of our van and do it and go back…being able to remember why we’re here and what we’re doing and what it’s really about. Hopefully being able to share that love with them and encourage people.

Brent: Does playing the same music day in and day out ever get redundant? Does it ever get old?

Dan: That’s the highlight of my day.

Trey: Practicing does, playing doesn’t.

Chris: It’s a different crowd every night, so we go all day just to play 20 minutes…so that’s all we look forward to. It could be the same set for quite a while before I’d get tired of it.

Trey: It’s a blast.

Brent: Do you guys have a theme verse that you go with all the time? Even for the album…one that runs through it?

Trey: Not necessarily. I think we’ve all got different things that inspire us… We just try and take time to do our devotion together. Not really a certain passage in particular. We have a set goal to keep in tact…to tell people about Christ. Encouragement and fellowship are really important. Say you come to Festival Con Dios and get saved, but then you don’t have anywhere to go after that. It’s like whether it’s a youth group or getting to know kids or through our music…it’s to continue with them. Hopefully we can help continue that with them and encourage people. I’m sure a lot of people who come to these Christian events…hopefully there’s non-Christian kids who come and they can find God through that. At the same time, once they do find God to continue that and encourage them and have a good time with other Christians and enjoy the fellowship once that does happen. That’s the cool thing about this and the cool thing about being with the other bands. Their hearts are really in the right place…a lot of cool guys out with us.

Brent: The new album is out the 24th of September… One of my favorite songs on there is “Hanging On”. It says “Everybody’s looking around and wants to be found, but I’m just hanging on”. What’s the whole meaning behind that song?

Trey: The idea of finding comfort in what we’ve found as Christians. Everybody’s looking for that comfort and something to gratify themselves and feel good about themselves. Everybody wants something, whether they try to find it in girls or guys, alcohol or drugs, or even in jobs and stuff like that. Everybody’s out there looking when what they need is just right here. We’ve found that and we’re hanging on to that with everything we’ve got. It’s not saying that it’s always easy and things will always be easy, but about having that comfort even when times are hard.

Brent: Well I said that’s my favorite song off the album, so what are you guys’ favorites from the new album and why?

Dan: It’s hard to say. “Hanging On” is probably one of my favorites to play lave.

Trey: “Mess With Your Mind” and “Wait” are probably my two favorites. I wrote the lyrics, so it’s kind of like they all have a special meaning for different reasons and they all have to do with something I’m very passionate about, so they mean a lot to me. I could just sit there and go through the list and tell you why each one means so much to me. So I’d say as far as passionate and one that I always like to think about is probably “Don’t Leave”. It talks about one of my friends…I saw him come to Christ and it was awesome, but after a while other things took his focus and I eventually saw him walk away from the whole thing and it was really hard. It’s asking God to never let that happen to me…like a prayer to Him. It’s a lot of questions, but at the same time knowing He won’t leave us no matter what we do. It’s cool now because that friend has searched for that answer everywhere else and he wasn’t able to find it and he realizes that he has something missing that he used to have. It’s cool because he calls me about every week now and he’s starting to really search again. I guess that’s neat to see how God is always there no matter what.

Brent: So you tend to just write about your everyday experiences… Right now it’s a bit of a trend for certain bands who have members who are professing Christians to kind of ride the fence when it comes to their faith through their music…writing songs that can be taken either way as Christian or not. How do you guys feel about that trend of not really wanting to boldly proclaim what you believe in the music?

Trey: I think that this is our faith and we’re very proud of it…it’s very important for people to know who we are and what we believe…that’s why we’re out here. As far as other bands… I’ve read interviews from Lifehouse and I think they’re very strong Christians; very passionate about what they believe. They’re definitely not speakers from the stage, but I think their hearts are in the right spot and that’s cool to see. I feel like God puts everyone in different places for different reasons. Whether He calls you to play in churches and encourage youth groups for the rest of your life or if He calls you to go out in the mainstream and play in clubs for tons of people who don’t know Christ. Obviously those are the people who need it the most. Some people like POD get to do both…and now Lifehouse just signed with Sparrow. I think you just have to go where God takes you, but as long as you keep Him in the center and never be ashamed of that, that people can see that through what you do.

Jason: I think what you’re living and what you believe… Music is a really passionate thing and it comes straight out of your soul. It’s what you believe and live every day…when you write music it should just come out. Your life will be evident through your music.

Brent: So do you guys consider yourself more as music for Christians or non-Christians or both…how do you feel about that?

Dan: Whoever needs it.

Trey: We just try to be honest in what we write about. I think people relate to that. Hopefully people just want to find something they can understand, like “Oh yeah, I feel like that sometimes” or “I’ve gone through that before”. It’s just life from a Christian perspective. I always say I don’t think you can write a song and say you can’t say Jesus in this because it will tear people away…or I need to make sure I put that in so people know we’re a Christian band. Write how you feel and if God’s in the center of your life that will be evident in what you write about.

Brent: So what’s a typical day like for you guys?

Dan: We drive…a lot. (laughter)

Brent: You do all your driving and traveling and all that?

Dan: Yeah…six guys in a van. Our second day or really day and a half. Today me and Jason set up some tents…Andy was helping on the stage. There weren’t a whole lot of volunteers in the morning. Yesterday was the first day, so we were kind of getting to know everybody and getting our equipment in and seeing how it all works. It should run a lot smoother from here.

Trey: Figure out how to get ourselves in trouble… (laughter)

Dan: Yeah, you know.

Brent: Any embarrassing moments on stage?

Trey: Everywhere pretty much.

Jason: Nobody’s fallen off stage or broken an arm…

Trey: They haven’t shoved me off stage…

Dan: No, but we’ve talked about it… (laughter) Not anything embarrassing…yet

Jason: Now you jinxed us!

Chris: Yeah, you know it’s gonna happen… (laughter)

Brent: How did the first show go last night?

Trey: Good! It was fun. It was raining all morning and it cleared up right before the festival started, so that was good. By the time Audio A played it just started pouring… They were going nuts out in the rain. It was sweet.

Dan: Everyone stayed and was just sitting there watching Audio A, man…it was awesome.

Brent: Since our website is Christian Guitar Resources we have a lot of guitar, bass, and instrument addicts, so what kind of instruments do you guys use?

Trey: (quiet)

Brent: (laughter) What kind of microphone do you use?

Trey: (laughter) I use a Shure SM fifty… (laugther)

Andy: I have a few different guitars. Right now I’m using a ToneSmith that I’m borrowing from Audio A. I have a Strat I like to play and an old Gretsch. I use a Marshall JCM 2000 amp…numerous little pedals.

Brent: Any favorite pedals?

Andy: I have a FullTone Full Drive that I really like. I like the new Line 6 delay. Those are probably my favorites.

Jason: I play a Paul Reed Smith that my parents got me. I love it. I would love to get an endorsement from them, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. (laughter from Trey) I love Paul Reed Smith’s…I’d play those if I could. I play Epiphone’s because they’re cheaper…they sound good, though! I love it. I have a custom that I’m borrowing from a buddy of mine. My favorite pedal is a Vox…I think it’s the Valve Tone. They don’t even make it anymore…picked one up in Cleveland about a year ago. That’s my favorite pedal. I play through a Crate Tone-X amp.

Dan: I play an Ibanez Soundgear edition. I plan on getting some vintage Fender’s and a MusicMan, though. I’ve got a Fender Bassman stack I’ve been playing on a lot.

Trey: My aunt had a guitar when she was little…it’s in my room. (laughter)

Jason: It has four strings on it…

Trey: It’s kind of out of tune now…but I like it… (laughter)

Brent to Dan: Any effects you use?

Dan: I have a chorus pedal and an overdrive pedal that I use.

Chris: I play Spawn Drums out of California. All DW hardware, two AAX Sabian crashes and an HHX 20” ride…that’s it. I use drumsticks, too! (laughter) I have these American flag ones…these patriotic sticks that are $3.00 or so…

Dan: Yeah, just forty cents more than a regular pair… (laughter)

Chris: I haven’t used them yet…but I broke a stick last night, which is kind of cool.

Jason: Didn’t you throw it in the crowd and it didn’t make it? (laughter)

Chris: Yeah, I missed the crowd…

Dan: It landed like in the middle of the stage… (laughter)

Brent: What’s up next for you guys?

Jason: We’ll be all over the place…

Trey: I’m looking forward to opening for Sixpence in November out in Colorado…it’s like three weeks after their new album comes out.

Brent: Doing a duet for “Kiss Me” or something like that? (laughter)

Dan: Yeah man… They’ve got a new one called “Hug Me”… (laughter)

Chris: (shakes head) Hug me…

Brent: Any other big things on your plate soon?

Dan: Audio A, Toby Mac, Mercy Me, Out of Eden, Tree 63…

Trey: We get to open for all of them… We’re just excited to do this whole tour. We’re not sure what happens after that. We’ve got a lot of spot shows lined up and we’ll see what happens in the spring. We should be keeping pretty busy with the album coming out. Our two singles are out right now that are both doing really killer, so that’s cool.

Brent: We appreciate you guys giving up your time for us and that’s all we’ve got for now.

Trey: Yeah, no problem. Thank you.

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