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Unread 04-10-2004, 09:30 PM   #16
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Originally Posted by snizzle
'shield the guitar'? i'm lost...
Shield the guitar to greatly improve tone, and to remove all extraneous hum, noise, buzz, etc. See:


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Unread 04-11-2004, 09:16 PM   #17
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If you just want a "bread and butter" rock tone from a strat, and you ain't got lots of cash, forget all the other stuff, just put one regular humbucker in the bridge position for like $25.00.

You probably want to look for something hotter than a "PAF style", but short of a "Soup-er Dupe-er Mega Distorto" model. There is a lot of good stuff coming out of Korea these days, including pickups. After all, they ain't exactly rocket science, its magnets inside a plastic bobbin with super small gauge enameled copper wire wrapped around it. (yes, I know there may be some subtle design techniques behind it, but they are pretty low-tech). I have a couple Samshin pickups that came on a recent model Samick that sound great. You can get good import pickups up from ebay for under $20 if you can kinda read between the lines, and know what you are looking for. Get one with ALNICO magnets, and if it lists the DC resistance - probably around 9 or 10 K would be a pretty good all-round 'bucker. Fairly well balanced tone, with pretty strong output. 12K and over will usually start getting you into the "high output" range, which is not necessarily bad if that's what you want, but will may be be a little extreme, and midrange-heavy...

Now, to everyone else, I know that DC resistance is not the most significant measurement of a pickup, but for an import without the benefit of a Senior Duncan, or Dimaggio website with all the wonderful descriptive terms like "buttery bottom", or "sweet highs", or "groovilicious gain", or "P-nuttier flavor"... so that you know exactly what model you want, it is at least a starting point, and a rough gauge to get you close. Also, since the imports don't make 97 varieties, and don't utilize some of the fancy techniques of the big aftermarket guys like weaker magnets on one coil, etc., I think they are probably more of a "wrap more wire around the bobbin or use stronger magets for the hotter output model" pickup.

$700.00 for upgrades!!?? Wow ! How much did you pay for that thing? You could buy a couple really nice guitars for that kind O'cash... ones that are already set up for what you want to do.

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Unread 04-12-2004, 07:02 AM   #18
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Comprehensive response forthcoming.

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