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Unread 03-12-2004, 09:17 PM   #1
I play Guitar...
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New to the Forum? Looking for a new guitar? READ THIS FIRST!

For those who are new to this forum, welcome! In this thread we have links to past threads that contain some excellent information for those new to guitars. Over time we hope that this thread will become a large and informative resource for all. Feel free to post any links to helpful guitar sites. Keep in mind though that once a link is posted it, it will be added to the top post in order to make everything easier to find. Once the information is transferred the original post will be deleted. Enjoy!

New Announcement: Lately we have had trouble with (very) old threads being "resurrected" (posted in after more than a month of activity). We mods would ask that if a thread has not had a new post in over a month, that you start a new thread instead of bringing an old one back. Thanks.


Worst Advice Ever for Purchasing a Guitar

Beginner Tips

Guitar Terminology

Guitar Electronics Basics (Pickups, Wiring, etc.)


gg7's Guitar Set-Up Page

Great P&W songs, interesting resources, plus good chord diagrams.

Tabs, Reviews and More

A Chord Resource

All Around Resource

Nils' Resource. Lots of things.

Even has chord forms for open tunings

Chords and tabs with instant key transposition

Totally Christian Tabs

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Unread 01-15-2006, 01:20 PM   #2
I'm on a horse.
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Need help choosing a new guitar? CLICK HERE!

Need a guitar? Need help choosing one? Here is a short general guide on how to start a thread about choosing a new guitar:

1. In the thread title, state whether you are looking for an electric or acoustic guitar. This is so those who are most knowledgable in either area can quickly see to your thread. (Or if you're looking for a specific type of guitar, put it in the title [Looking for a Strat])

2. List these essential pieces of information in your post:
-Experience (I have been playing _ days/weeks/months/years/millenia/etc.)
-Guitar # (This will be my [first/second/third/fiftieth/etc.] guitar), or other guitars you have.
-Why you want a new guitar, if this is not your first (I want a new guitar because _ guitar can't do _)
-Price range (I have $_ to get a [guitar/guitar and amp])
-Guitars you've looked at (I tried [insert guitar], and I thought it was really cool! -or- I tried [insert guitar] and I didn't like it at all.)
-Amps you've looked at
-Musical style (I want to sound like [insert artist])
-If you're willing to buy used gear
-Where you plan to buy (guitar shop/local sellers/eBay/online store/etc.)
-Situations you play in (I [play/will play] guitar at [church/garage band/home/etc.])
-Any timelines (I need a guitar by _)
-Any other information that is relevant.

3. Subscribe to your thread and check on it often.

4. Answer people's questions to the best of your ability. This is to better understand your need.

Here are some general guitar buying tips for first-timers:

If you can, try buying used. It'll save you a lot of money, and gives you more guitar. Try finding your city on a http://www.craigslist.org classifieds page, look in your local newspaper for musical instrument ads, and even ask around. There is almost always a great deal out there.

Never underestimate your amp's importance. On an electric guitar setup, the amplifier is half the instrument. To get a good sound, you need a good amp. Plan to spend at least $150 for home practice, and $300 for performing. You my end up spending more on the amp than the guitar, especially cheaper guitars.

Always ask a lot of questions. If you're not sure about anything, just ask. The combined knowledge of the CGR community is a vast bank of information. We want to help you make an informed decision, so if you need to know something, just ask.

Do your homework! There's a lot of info in the "NEW TO THE FORUM" thread stickied right here. It's reccomended to read through "Beginner's Tips" and "The Worst Advice". CGR Members can also direct you to a large amount of resources as well.

Find a guitarist you know. They may also become invaluble as you buy a guitar. Having someone in person to try out guitars and amps with you who has at least a few years' experience will help. It's possible to go without one, but it's highly reccomended to seek one's help if you can.

Don't confuse a guitar with any particular style of music. Truth is, any guitar is good for any style of music, it's almost always the amp that makes the difference.

Good luck on finding that guitar!


*additional tips/etc. to be incorporated into this post can be posted below*
*unneccessary posts will be annihilated*
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Unread 02-11-2010, 06:45 PM   #3
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Nicely said Rainer .......
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Unread 05-31-2010, 09:44 PM   #4
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All good points. But for a beginner they can be overwhelming. The best point made was to take someone with you who knows guitars. (all agree!) That way the beginner can concentrate on learning to play first, before getting into the ins and outs of guitar technology.

In my opinion the most important factor is being able to play the instrument comfortably. If the action is bad and fixing it is impossible or impractical, leave it behind! Too many young people are frustrated when a guitar they buy has strings too high off the neck and they quit playing after 5 minutes and soon its covering dust. Cheap accoustics are terrible for this. They should be taken off store shelves and burned.

Finding a music shop or second hand seller that will agree to give a refund if unsatisfied is a real plus. Often after a buyer takes a guitar home and practices on it a few nights, (s)he starts to realise that its not all the vendor said it was. Perhaps for another $50-$100 a more suitable instrument can be bought that will give years of playing pleasure.
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