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Unread 10-05-2001, 10:32 PM   #31
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So are you going to post or not

Just wondering


Fuego de Dios

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Alright here's mine it might be a little boring tho:

My parents were saved while my mom was pregnant with me, they had already had my older bro and sister. My mom went to a church near our house without my dad for a few weeks and then she got saved (my parents were both cathics (sp?) before becoming christians). My dad called her a Jesus Freak and then he went to the same church and got saved too. Well then they had me dun dada dum! *ahem* so I went to church and learned about noah and his ark and mosos and his ark and all the rest. Then we switched churches. At the next church I learned about noah etc. ect. then we switched churches again, this time I learned all about hell. My teacher taught me all about where i would go if I wasn't saved, he even had stories to back it up! well, so every Sunday my parents dropped me off at my sunday school and I learned about hell and then when my teacher asked if anyone wanted to be saved I would go up and get myself saved every Sunday!!!! This went on for about 2 or 3 months then we switched churches. At this church I learned about noah etc. etc. then we switched churches. By this time I was about 10 yrs old. Again at this church i learned about noah etc. etc. Now I was (and still am) a very shy girl and so I wasn't making friends at these churches, in fact I hated going to church. We switched churches one more time (yes I learned all about noah again), then my dad decided he'd had enough of religon and fake christians and decided we were going to have church at home. After a month of this (I was about 12 at the time) I finally realized what a real christian was and did my best to become one. Several years later I am still struggling with my flesh but I know that I am saved and NOT going to hell


ps might add more later...
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hmm, that was a whole lot more interesting then mine
Lift your voice to heaven
Lift up your head and sing
To the One who gave His love,
This is our offering.
Lift your voice to heaven
Lift up your head and sing
To the One who gave His Son,
Here our lives we bring
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awwwwww thanks Ywing
"It's zombie huntin' time!"
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Unread 10-16-2001, 09:14 PM   #35
transubstantiate life
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My testimony

I realize that I kind of launched on to this board with the speed of a high powered missle, without bothering to introducing myself until I was up around 200 posts

So, without any further ado, here's my testimony (not as good as tobymac's but then I'm no rapper)

Anywayz, I've been catholic since I can remember. I was raised in a catholic household, and baptized catholic at the age of six months at St. Joseph's by the sea church in New Zealand. We moved back to the states when I was three, and eventually found this incredible church (St. Barbara's) when I was five. I made my first communion there, and have been going there for ten years now, learning new stuff all the time.

I have always done protestant groups. IT was AWANA when I was little, and then youth groups when I got older. So, I learned about prostestants and how they differed (and were the same) from catholics at a young age. I discovered that I liked theology, and I've really enjoyed learning all that I can.

I realize that this has been a random takeoff instead of a real testimony, so I'm going to tell you when I first had a dramatic "wake up call" from god.

It was 2 1/2 years ago, and my family and I were taking a vacation in Canada to go skiing. I'm a fairly good skiier, hard blue sqares and black diamonds, for those of you who ski or snowboard.
It was towards the end of our second day there, and my sister and I were skiing a run with my mom, who isn't that great of a skiier. My sister and I decided that to make things more interesting for us, we would ski off into the woods and parallel the run, keeping it in sight. We skiied off the trail all the time at home (there wasn't very much off the trail, though), so we thought that we would be fine.

The snow was great, and we were having a blast, until the terrain started to get steeper. MUCH steeper. We thought that now would be a good time to get back on the trail. We looked over, and immediatly saw that we had gone a lot further in than we intended to go, and we could no longer see the trail. No problem. We skiied down, veering towards the trail, and hoped to meet up with it. Then the terrain started to get too steep for my younger sister. And we still couldn't hear anything. nothing.

So, we started back up the trail. We guessed that we couldn't have gone that far, and we would hike back up the trail, and find it again. We must have hiked for a looong time. Finally we realized that we were lost. We started calling for help. No answer. no sound. no nothing. I never realized just how scary silence can be, but it was terrifying just then. Then, just to make things worse, I realized that the lifts would have closed, and that there would be no more people coming that day. We were tired and dehydrated, it was starting to snow, and we had no clue where we were. (Thank goodness for our warm ski clothes, it was about 20* outside). Then, I finally thought of prayer. I realize that we probably should have done this sooner, but I hadn't realized the severity of the situation.

So, I told my sister to set her skis and poles down (we were walking uphill, remember), and come to me. We held hands, and prayed the Lord's prayer. Then we asked for the Lord's help in getting us out of this mess. then we started to walk again.

About five minutes later, I heard this kind of scraping sound. I set down my skis and ran uphill. The sound became more defined, and then I saw the guy. He was a snowboarder, probably in his twentys. I ran up to him and explained our situation. He looked surprised, and then told us that he knew the way to an easy run (obviously the one we had left). He said that he'd take us there. He said his name was Michael. He led the way, leading us on for about an hour (I have no idea how we got in that far). I told him that we had prayed right before he showed up, and then he told us that he never goes into that woods that far, but he just did that day. When my sister got tired, he carried her skis for her.

Around 6:30-7:00 (in the dark), we finally got out onto the run. We thanked Michael again, and then, relieved beyond words, we skiied down to the village. ON the way down we met the ski patrol coming to search for us.

When we got back to our room, and I told our story, I broke down and cried, right in front of all of my friends that were there. That's really rare for me, as I never cry in front of people.
It didn't occour to me until later just what Michael the snowboarder was doing way back in the woods an hour after the lifts had closed. Also, my mom said later that she went to the area where michael said he lived, and she could find no one who knew any one by that name who lived there. What significance that is, I don't know.

So, that totally solidified my faith for me. My sister had been struggling with her faith, and this confirmed issues that she'd been questioning.

To conclude this REALLY long post, my sister and I now only ski off into woods in areas we know


Check out my Blog!
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Thats must have been scary. I have been lost in the woods its not fun. I did not know you went to awana.COOL

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~*~Chosen~*~ (My story..it's pretty cool!)

Looking for Real love? I was until....

...Until this Man found me. Let me tell you the story....


He looked at me. " I want her." He said resolutely to my master.

"ME??" I was shocked. "You don't want me. Look at me!" I turned around and showed Him my garment of WorldyPleasures...It was the latest style. It made me feel good right now, but at the end of the day i was left with myself, my garment, and the master that held my wrist in his cold clutch, telling me i was worthless.

His eyes bore straight through my being, past my dress and into my soul. "Yes." He said again. "I want YOU."

I turned my face. I didn't like being looked at like i was something. Some ONE. I didn't understand it. That's not what the master told me.

My master stepped in front of me and confronted the Man. "You don't want *HER*. She's useless, worthless.... She's a *failure*. She doesn't ever think of anyone but herself. She's nothing to You. You don't want this one." He moved to the boy standing next to me. "Here!" He thrust the boy to the Man. "Take this one. He just wants to make people happy. He NEVER does what i want him to. Take this one."

"I want HER." The Man said again. "This one. I want HER. She is the one I want right now."

He looked at me again. My eyes flew down to my bare feet. "Sir, You don't want me. Like my master said, i'm worthless. I don't deserve You. He's right, my master, the boy called Virtue is who You want. He would be of much more use to You."

He touched my pale cheek and drew me toward Him. He bent to my ear and whispered, "Yes, my Beloved. I want you. I love you. Don't you want to come with Me?"

'Love?' I thought, 'What is this-- This love?' I nodded, but said. "But You would get sick of me. I can't do anything right and i'm not a good person. Take Virtue, he wants to go. He would be better. He would know what to do."

The Man looked at my master, who was called Self, and said, "What do you want for her? I'll take her for *ANYTHING*. Just name what you want for this one."

Self grinned a devious grin. He looked at me with cold eyes and sneered, and i looked back at him. This was a look i knew. I was comfortable under this gaze; it was familiar, harsh, but familiar. His black eyes looked back to the Man. "I want it all. Everything You have to give, I want it, then you can have this sickening slave girl. I want Your blood, Your sweat, Your pain, Your tears, Your very *LIFE*. Give that to me, and You can have this brat, who is of nothing to anyone." He grasped my arm and I winced. His grip was cold and hard, but I was familiar with it. It was safe to me.

The Man smiled at me, and again, i looked away. It was too different. I was unsure of Him. He was unlike any other person i had ever met. He was very unlike my master, Self.

"Fine." The Man finally said. "You can have all that if I may have this one girl for My purposes."

I was shocked. This Man had just offered everything a person could ever have just for me. "But, Sir," I said, terrified for Him. "I don't think you realize--"

"I understand perfectly, my Beloved. I would walk to the end of the earth and beyond if only for you, and I will." He kissed my temple and left.

I stood beside Virtue, dumbfounded. 'What had i done?'

Self yanked at my arm and spit on the ground, nearly hitting the end of my dark dress. "Come with me." He said harshly....

... and i followed because i was familiar with this way of life. But tomorrow, what would there be? I was unsure, insecure.... but there was a new feeling inside of me. 'I love you.' The Man's words echoed in my mind. 'What was this love?' I asked myself again as i followed Self into the darkness of what was beyond.

~*~To Be Continued ~*~
But because of his greatlove for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us ALIVE with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions-- it is by graceyou have been saved!Ephesians 2:4&5
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Unread 10-20-2001, 07:38 PM   #38
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I like it! I like it! Post more!!
It's all good
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Unread 10-21-2001, 02:26 PM   #39
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The Day of Death...

... and Darkness

The next day, the Man came back. He smiled at me and then turned to Self. "Today, you will be given all you have asked for in return for My Beloved."

My master sneered, his face pulled into a sickening stare. "Good," Self said. "This means that today I will be watching You suffer in vain for the sake of a little wretch such as her." He motioned toward me.

I wanted to draw into myself and hide. I wanted to be rid of my master, if only for an hour, but he was always there, telling me things about myself. They were awful things, but i let him say them anyway. They were things i understood, and i believed them because they were familiar to me. But the divinity of the Man was too much for me. He was too beautiful and great. I still didn't understand why He would want me. I heard the Man speak again and i turned my attention back to Him.

"Watch." He said to my master and I. "I will give all I have for you, My Beloved. Your master of Self will no longer have hold of you. And soon, my dear girl, you will be Mine, forever, and I will change your name. I love you." His hand reached up to my cheek and, once again, He pressed His lips to my temple and left. "Watch," He said to the two of us standing there. "So you may have proof that I have given all I have."

We watched from the Darkness as the Man lived His perfect life. Never once did He do wrong by anyone. Never once, though He was slandered many times, did He slander another. Soon, I saw the Man standing before a great crowd and the ample man beside him was yelling to his people, "And what will you have me do with this Man who has done nothing wrong?" The people below shouted upward, "Crucify Him! Crucify Him!" The ample man's face became sad and he looked at the Man apologetically.

Scenes flashed by, and the next we saw, the Man was being beat and spit upon and tormented by many men. He looked at my master through His tears and said, "Here, this is My sweat and tears, which you have required of Me for My Beloved." I had to look away; it was too great a price to pay for myself. I wasn't worth this much.

More scenes pass and I saw the Man laying on a cross on the ground. Men came to His body, torn and bleeding from His earlier beating, and knelt down next to his outstretched arms and His feet. One of the men carried a hammer and the other three pulled out long, huge nails.

I looked away, but only to see the face of Self and his devious grin. I turned my eyes back to the Man. "Stop! Please, Sir, stop! I'm not worth this. You don't need me or want me this badly. I'm nothing special. Stop, please..." My voice trailed off and the tears made their courses down my face. "...i'm not worth this much." My voice was barely a whisper as i watched the men with thier nails.

They nailed His hands and feet to the wooden cross. The Man screamed in pain as He looked at my master and said, "Here, this is My pain and blood, which you have reqired of Me for My Beloved." The men heaved the cross to an upright position and they mocked Him, still. The Man's breathing became labored and He looked at me through His passionate eyes and said to me, "I love you, My Beloved." He looked at my master and said to him, "This... This is... My life, which you... have... required of Me... for My... Beloved." The breath rushed out of Him, and the Man died.

More scenes passed my eyes: A man stabbing the Man who had died for me with a long spear. Blood and water poured out of the wound. The Man was taken down and laid in a tomb, a great rock rolled over the entrance.

I cried... really cried. The Man i didn't even know had wanted me so bad as to die for me. It was my fault He was dead, and i was still stuck here in the Darkness with my master, Self. I looked at Self. His grin was still plastered to his face.

"Well, my pitiful slave girl. It looks to me, that you still belong to me. That Man is dead, and not even your tears will bring Him back here. He's gone. Forget about Him." Self said, and with his comment dashed every last hope for my freedom.

~*~To Be Continued~*~
But because of his greatlove for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us ALIVE with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions-- it is by graceyou have been saved!Ephesians 2:4&5
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From Opression to ...

... to Freedom

Tear stained cheeks went about in the Darkness the next day. The Man's words, "I love you." and His face full of longing as He looked at me from His place on the cross yesterday haunted my thoughts. I was beginning to understand what this love was. This Man had died because of His love for me. It was confusing, and frightening. Mostly though, it saddened me. He died, like Self had said, "in vain", because, now He was dead... and i was still here.

Later that day, as i was sitting in my room thinking of the Man, i heard Self screaming. I was startled and went to go see what it was that had upset him so badly. Looking through the Darkness, i saw a light. It was a warm light, inviting. Then... i saw the Man! He was there, standing, talking to Self! I couldn't believe it.... I had seen Him die. He was dead. I blinked several times, wishing my eyes to quit playing their tricks on my heart, which was suffering enough turmoil.

"No! I saw you die, Man!" Self screamed. From my corner i saw the Man stretch His hands out in front of Self.

"Look, Self, you hideous monster. See My hands?" The Man picked up Self's hand and made him touch His hand. Self writhed in His touch and pulled away as the Man said, "I have fulfilled the required for my precious flower. Where is she?"

Self recoiled, pulling into his dark form. "You really have suffered much for this wretched creature. I don't understand *what * You could possibly want with her. But I'll be glad to get her away from me." Self must've sensed me watching because he turned around and came to me in a rush. He grabbed me by the wrist and yanked me toward the Man, where i fell before Him and wept.
"Dear, Sir, why would You do that for me of all the people here?" I dared to peer at His lovely face, which was glowing with what i guessed would have been love.

"Beloved. I love you. That is why I did what i did for you. I love you." He took my hand and helped me to my feet. "Come, follow Me." He said as He led me by the Lamp in His hand. The Lamp shone a gentle light, also, and lit the path in front of us two.

"You have won this one, but no more shall You gain!" Self screamed toward us. I turned to look back at Self, and in my taking my eyes off the path lit by the Lamp of the Man, my Savior, i stumbled and fell.

"Beloved, do not look at him. Do not listen to Him. You need only listen to Me and look at Me from now on. I will guide you in the paths of righteousness. I will hold Your hand and walk with You." He knelt down beside me and lifted me off the ground into His strong arms. "And when you can't walk the path on your own, My Beloved, I will carry you."

We entered the Light and my Savior sat me on my own feet. "Let me have your garment of WorldlyPleasures."

I looked at Him. "But, my Lord, I've nothing else to wear. This is all I have."

"I will give you something better, all you have to do is give Me the one you have now." His eyes shown love, still. Mixed with the love, though, there was a compassion, and patience.

I handed Him my treasured garment. I watched as He washed my garment in a red liquid. "Beloved," He said to me, "This is My blood that was bled for You. It cleanses you from everything evil. It realeased you from Self and bought you out of his hold. All you have to do now is accept this clean garment." He pulled my garment out of His blood and held it out to me. "Would you like to put it on?"

I nodded and looked at the garment; it was brilliantly white. No longer dark, but clean, white, brand new. I lifted my arms as He put it on me.

"I have another gift for you, Beloved." He handed another garment to me, but this one was completely knew, and it was a beautiful dress, also resplendant in its whiteness. "This," He said to me. "is your wedding robe. My Beloved, today you will become my Bride. You shall never more be called Shunned and Despairing, but now, you are to be called Uplifted and Chosen. For I have lifted you out of your despair and chosen you to be My Bride for all eternity, because I love you that much."

He stood there with me, while I wept at His feet. "I don't deserve you, my Lord. But thank You for chosing me." He took my hand and I lifted my eyes to Him. I was becoming accostomed to His gaze, full of Love, which I was also beginning to understand. My teary eyes shed more tears as my Lord, my Savior, the Man who died, smoothed back my hair and held my own hand in His own peiced hand.

"I love you," He told me, and I was grateful.

~*~ To Be Continued ~*~
But because of his greatlove for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us ALIVE with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions-- it is by graceyou have been saved!Ephesians 2:4&5
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keep it coming. I really like it so far.
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Post It's long, but it's my story.

I'm not sure why I feel the need to write this, perhaps because it will help someone out, but here goes nothing.....

Just like so many others, I too, grew up in a christian home. I've been going to the same church all of my life. Both of my parents were sunday school teachers and my Mom still is. Of course, I knew countless bible stories and dinky little verses because I was forced too. It's not easy to just go through the motions in sunday school class when your mother is the teacher.

I remember getting saved when I went on a retreat with our junior youth group at the begining of the 6th grade. It was the best experience, just feeling the comfort of God around me. But at the end of the 6th grade, my dad unexpectedly died. I was angry, upset, confused and in the end I hated God. I did everything right, I was saved... things like that just don't happen to saved people. God is suppose to protect me and be there for me and in my eyes, He let me down big time. Because of my Dad's death, my Mom went into a horrible depression. I barely got through school because my sister and I had to take care of my mother, make sure she woke up everyday and ate regularly, brought her food and her pills She got so sick she was in and out of hospitals for months at a time. It was tough, and it all was God's fault.....

Money was tight, my sister and I changed homes with relatives every couple of months. I didn't really belong anywhere and it sucked. I blamed God for it all. I missed my mom, I wanted her to return to her old self and just hold me but most of all I missed my Dad. If he wouldn't have died things wouldn't have been so horrible. I had nothing to believe in, no where to belong, nothing to hold on too. Somehow I still managed to get to church every few sundays. It was sort of nice because church was something I was used to and was normal in my life at the time when nothing was normal. But in a different way, it was torture because there I would hear of hope. I would hear of healing... and I wanted so much to believe in that, but I couldn't. I just couldn't bring myself to Christ, afraid of another let down. Eventually my mother got better and at the end of the 8th grade my sis and I moved back in with her permanetly.

When I was a freshman, I got involved in drinking and drugs. I played soccer and basketball and there was no escaping the team parties so it became a normal thing. I got away with it for a long time, but then I got caught. It took many, many times getting caught before I really understood that I had a problem. I was sent to rehab my sophmore year after being busted by the police at a field party. Since I got caught with alcohol and various other drugs, I wasn't aloud to play school sports that year when I got back. It stunk. But a year off totally got my mind straight. Since I still occasionaly went to church with my mom, my youth pastor heard of my troubles and became activly involved in my life. She invited me out with the youth group on a retreat. Since I basically had no privledges at the time, it sounded like a good idea just to get me out of the house.

I had no idea what was suppose to happen that weekend, but I'm glad I went. We went to a service and the speaker was asking people to come forward and kneel at the foot of the cross, leaving every burden we have there. Something inside me made me go, and I accepted Christ for the second time. I'm a junior in highschool now, and Ii've been clean for 277 days. God has brought me so far and I can't deny Him, no matter how many horrible things happen to me. I'm working with a Christian therapist to get my life in order and I still struggle daily with grief and my addictions, but I'm a lot better then what I was. And all the credit is Christ's. Please pray that I stay strong.

My email is skank4gzus32@hotmail.com if anyone wants to chat.

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my testimony

mine is kinda dumb, i guess, but i feel lead to tell it to you.
i got "saved" at a church camp when i was going into the 4th grade. i don't particularly remember the sermon, or the preacher, just my first experience with praise and worship. the song that i really liked "our god is an awesome god" it was just really new and cool. it made me realize that i was just, in the terms that i would have used, a dookie person. no-good, low-down, bad person. it hit me. i still remember, with clarity that is not normal ofr a 3rd grader. i guess it is kind of hard to say that you were a heathen when you were in the 3rd grade. but i believe that that is the coolest thing. get em while theyre young. i never drank, never did drugs, or really ever got into trouble (aside from traffic violations) so i dont have one of those stunning, tear-jerking testimonies, but i feel that it is powerful none the less.

thank you for listening to me babble,

What goes up must come down, so what is the point?
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Ok, before I start I want to tell all of you that I've been blessed and to tears in all of these. I can't believe this is the first time I've ever been in this forum...

Anyways, here it goes.

I've gone to the same church all my life. Back in the day, I went to Awana, until they didn't have any more for me to go to. It was there that I first heard the message, and I first "accepted God into my life". I don't think I had any idea of what I was doing at the time, but I went about thinking that I was a Christian for about 5 years, re-praying the prayer every now and then after I did something bad.

And then Camp came about. I was 12, and at teen camp at the camp I've now gone to for 10 years in a row. The speaker told us to get down on our knees and pray the prayer that he was saying. I felt the urge to go off on my own and pray my own prayer. I rededicated my life to the Lord that night.

And so I continued on into high school. Grade nine was a BAD year for me. I don't remember asking for much help from God that year. Grade 10 was a bit better, and then came the summer that I got to council at a camp. What a difference that made. I rededicated my life to God (yet again) after the night where about 10 people got saved, 20-40 rededicated and the northern lights showed up so we had an amazing worship time on the beach under the stars and NL.

That made me want to live my life for Him in everything I do.

Over the years, the valleys have come and gone, and it seems at though the mountain tops are FAR away and VERY HARD to reach, and even at the moment, I'm stuck in a valley, praying for a rope.

In my spiritual life, things are getting routine now. Go to church. Pray. Go to praise band, sing what they tell me, and pray.... etc.
I'm having trouble being able to get right into the worship lately. Thing are distracting me from seeing God in everything. For that, you can pray, that God may be more revealing in my life.

I keep praying, knowing that God is out there. He may not seem like it, but He's there. As I write this, I can sense Him here.

Well, that's my story...

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Not Every Day is Easy...

~*~*~*~*~*~ THis is the end.. just a lil' evangelistic message ~*~*~**~*~*~*~

... But Each One is a Gift

Thanks for checking out my story i appreciate it... and thanks heaps for all the notes
(For those of you wondering what i'm talking about... it's the entry that starts with "Looking for REAL love? I was until..." and up until this point... i think there's four all together~ check it out... it shouldn't take too awfully long to read)

Since i've become the Bride of my Savior, things haven't always been easy... in fact, they've probably become harder, because now i'm making an effort to please my Jesus. I want to do what's right, and that in itself is rarely ever easy. Self still rears his head and shows up at my heart's door... and it's funny he always brings his best buds: Pity, Fear, Anxiety, Humaness, Discontent, Temptation... all those ones that bring us down. But whenever the gang shows up, i just call out, "Jesus... there's some guys here to see You, and they're hassling me." He comes to the door and tells them to take a hike. that's the cool thing about Jesus.. He always, always, always has our best interests in mind and at heart. So even if it feels like your life is the definition of a hell-hole... He's thinking of you, and all things work together for the good of those who love them.

What makes life worth keeping going then? --- if i'm already saved? Well... it's knowing that God has put me on this earth for * Some* reason, and now that i am saved, it's up to Him to decide what happens in my life.... (no i'm not getting into the whole freewill concept tonight, but i will in a few days probably.) ... basically that comment was to clarify that my life is not my own, it belongs to Him to use it as He pleases. Maybe there's someone who i need to witness to, and i'm the only one to do it. If i were to just drop off the earth before witnessing to that one person... he may never come to know God's saving grace-and then what?? it would be my fault.... Even on the rough days, i know that He'll be there for me, He's just a prayer away.

Like the girl in my story... my wish is to satisfy Jesus... i know i don't deserve what He did, but that doesn't change the fact that He did it, and He did it with ME and YOU in mind. He's offering us a gift, a FREE gift... He wants us to take it--- so why not take it??? I mean, honestly... He wouldn't have died if He didn't want YOU. It's sorta like a piece of candy... or anything (a book, a movie, free 'net *for those of us who are 'net junkies *, or anything) that someone has said, "here, i want you to have this. I'll just set it here on your bed and you can take it when you want it... but don't wait too long." See... if we wait too long, the candy is going to get old or the 'net is going to be unavailable, or you'll loose your sight, or hearing... and those free gifts won't be of any use to you anymore. Salvation is like that... once we die, that's the end... you have reached the end, el fin.... if you don't have the ticket to heaven (salvation), to put it bluntly (because it is) you're going to find yourself in hell (yes for real this time.. it won't be another day in school)... and despite what many people think, it's not going to be just one big party. it will be eternal torture... We're talking *forever * here... all of time... no second chances. Imagine your worst possible day... times like infinity... yeah.. sounds like a blast, doesn't it???

Remember, He's just a prayer away... I'd be extremely happy to talk to anyone about this stuff... note me or if you don't want to and still have questions, find another Bible Believing God Lovin' Jesus Pleaser... They'll point you in the right direction. (lol no, despite what you may think, we're not all nut cases and strangelies we're not whacked... just give us a holler)

God Bless,
* ~Skye~ *
But because of his greatlove for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us ALIVE with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions-- it is by graceyou have been saved!Ephesians 2:4&5
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