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Unread 06-17-2003, 03:04 PM   #61
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There's some really great knowledge being passed in this thread. In addition to all the other great stuff mentioned, IMHO the "GOLDEN RULE" so to speak should be "Take loving care of your equipment" no matter what brand model price etc... Keep that baby clean, wipe the strings down each and every time it's played. Wipe down the hardware, clean/polish the body and neck regularly (of course it depends on the type of finish ie oiled vs lacquered). Keep it in a good case when not in use. I still have my 1970 RIC because I have always taken care of it. It not only preserves the instrument but a clean, well maintained bass will certainly sound better also! Rock On!

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Unread 06-17-2003, 08:42 PM   #62
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In a band situation... All it really comes down to is... The bass is a RHYTHM Instrument. It's not a solo instrument. In a praise band situation, unless it's some weird circumstance, the bass player is never going to be the "leader" persay. God intended certain people to be number one, and as much as it may hurt some of you to hear it, it wasn't the bass. Sure you can go off on some crazy little bass line, but if I can't feel the groove, that is the kick drum and the bass line connecting... it's worthless. Another thing the bass is good for, is to give the singer the pitch. If you don't put emphasis on the root note, then it's harder for the singer to distinguish the notes, that is, which one is the main note, and you could get some FUNKY harmonizing going (it's happened, and will happen again)

So live by the phrase, "Less is more" when playing. If you want to go solo, go get a jazz label to sign you
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