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Unread 12-23-2002, 02:05 PM   #61
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Originally posted by BowoW
I'm not trying to be mean or accusing anybody.. I just want to make sure people aren't suprised when some of them hear an icnredible guitarist play bass better than ya'll

I would be suprised unless they'd played bass for some years. Anyway, B.B. King solos are easy for the most part. I really don't like B.B. as a guitarist. He can't play rhythm and his "solos" are so boring. I can play most of them and I've only been playing guitar for about 2 years...however I played bass for 2 years before picking up the guitar.

You want a good guitarist. Listen to Jason Becker. I am listening to his classical guitar solo...Air. Download Air by Jason Becker. It's so beautiful and amazing.


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Unread 12-23-2002, 02:17 PM   #62
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playable != bad/boring

much blues is pretty easy, but it is still very soulful and cool

Pink Floyd is quite easy, but it still gives me shivers.
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Unread 12-23-2002, 02:58 PM   #63
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Just because you can play fast or real hard stuff doesn't make you a good musician. It makes you fast, but I think B.B. King (according to your description, Slap J) is a much better musician than Michael Angelo, simply because B.B. writes better stuff that's actually musical, not thrash shredding. A good guitarist uses speed when neccessary, not just to show off.

Another note: a couple of Phil Keaggy songs I was playing the other day weren't neccessarily hard to play, but still impressed me because of Phil's ability to WRITE such tasteful music.. fast parts only coming in for a short burst of emotion.. you gotta give people like B.B. credit for their artistic ability, not just technical know-how.

So think about this: are B.B.'s solos really boring, or are they just slow? Cause slow music a lot of times is much better, in my opinion.
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Unread 12-23-2002, 03:53 PM   #64
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I also find B.B.'s solos on the lower end compared to his brother (Albert) and other blues greats. He did pretty much the same thing a lot, with some variation. He had a good memorable blues voice, though.
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