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Unread 07-27-2002, 11:37 PM   #1
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Question A little advice on singing...

I'm a part of the praise team in Jr. High and before I go to high school in Sept. and join their praise team, I have a few questions..
  • Question #1: I sing pretty loud, but I can't go very high. I squeeze and try, and if I go high, it won't be as loud but the sorta whisper voice. If you sing, you probably know what I'm talking about.
  • Question #2: Most people say I sing good (trying not to sound conciedid, so read the rest of this question ) but those who actually sing good, say that I'm singing with my neck and not my stomach. How do I? Someone suggested looking down when I sing, and get the feel of not using my neck, but it doesn't help. I hope someone can help??
  • Question #3: If you listen to good artist sing, they have a sort of virbrato to their songs. You know, the wavey kinda thing. Do you know how to do that naturally?? Without making it sound too fake


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Unread 07-27-2002, 11:50 PM   #2

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1. There are various exercises you can do to improve your range...ask your choir director at your school about it, they'll know of some to give you.

2. To make sure your placement is right (singing from your stomach and not your neck) the most important thing is to have your breathing right. When you breathe in for singing, if you press your hand against your stomach you should feel your stomach kind of pushing out. If you breathe down deep like that you can get a better supported sound that is louder, clearer, and extends your range.

What is also important (after you have gotten the right kind of breathing down) is supporting your sound when you are singing. You use your diaphram (a muscle under your lungs) to support the sound, instead of the muscles in your chest. That will give your a fuller sound.

3. The vibrato comes from having good breath support (see previous answer). Once you have the breath support mastered, the vibrato will come naturally.

I hope this will help some.....i havn't told you nearly everything to know about this...but i think that breath support is your main problem, you should work with a choir teacher at your school to develop your voice some more.
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