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Unread 06-16-2002, 06:04 PM   #1
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A New Song - I still don't know if I should sing or not (posted with username)

Hi gang,

I posted here a while ago, asking for some opinions about my singing.
Since then I've sung backup in my church once, which was great: I was not coming through the speakers much ( just the way I like it and I was able to worship better than when i just play guitar.

My pastor though suggested I start a new band this summer with some of the youth, and I'm not sure if I should sing in it or not. It's been a dream of mine to lead a band for several years now, but I don't want to compromise the band or the chance of people worshipping for my self indulgence.

Here's a link to a new song I wrote and recorded.
This is honestly how I sing. I go flat in a few places, my rhythms aren't great, and I have trouble with high notes.


What do you think?
Should I consider singing in a lead position, or save it for the shower?

Thanks for reading =)


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Unread 06-17-2002, 08:40 AM   #2
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First of all, congradulations on working up the courage to start a band and seek some advice on your voice. I think that's neato. Second, I think your voice is not as bad as you make it out to be. I think it's actually leading material, if you feel like you can do it and you learn some basics about using your voice.
There are a few things I would suggest though:

1. www.getsigned.com has vocal advice on it. It's very secular (all the people on there wanna get famous for some reason or another) but it has some decent beginner advice about breathing, warming up (really important), and all that other stuff. Check it out. Thanks Miranda!

2. One of the mistakes my band made in the beginning was hand-picking people from the youth group they already knew had musical talents for the "original" group. For example, drummers and singers who had already preformed in the church, etc. were picked to start the band off before other people could join. This was kind of a mistake because there were other people (like me) in the youth group who sang but had just never sang in front of the church. The Lord showed me favor but I think that it's important many times to hold auditions or at least make an announcement to the youth that you are forming a band and if anyone is interested to see someone about it. That way, if there is another youth in your church capable at leading better, you'll know.

3. Make sure you have some good backup singers. It will probably make you feel more confident and improve the overall sound. Also, you may want to consider having another lead singer (possibly female) to rotate with. That is, either night to night or song to song. That might work well considering you are having trouble with high notes.

4. Finally... I highly reccommend this... get some vocal instruction as a band. Find and hire a vocal coach who will come in for an hour or 2 and assess you as a group. Pool the cost. We had enormous favor and had a seasoned vocal coach come in for one of our practices absolutely free. It was a tremendous blessing and made us a ton better overall. Especially since most singers had little or no past vocal training.

Anyways I wish you the best Kevin. Hope I helped. Pray lots and make sure your BAND prays together... 'cause that's what's gonna keep you together in the long run... your mutual desire to lift up the name of Jesus and love in Christ. I know you know that. Bye.
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