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Unread 06-09-2002, 06:18 PM   #1
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Deyo, Jeff - Saturate

1. Opening Prayer
2. More Love, More Power
3. Let It Flow
4. Lose Myself
5. I Give You My Heart
6. All I Want
7. Satisfy
8. Let Me Burn
9. Many Crowns
10. Thank You For Life
11. You Are Good (Piano & Cello Movement)
12. You Are Good
13. You Are Good (Orchestral Movement)
14. I'd Rather Have Jesus
15. Sing To You

For more on Jeff Deyo, click here.

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Unread 10-23-2002, 09:13 PM   #2
time to sanitize
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great cd, captures the heart of what sonicflood used to be.
not so much just another album by another artist, but a prayer to God.
musically, it kind of has a lull in the middle, but just put it on random, and you're fine.
i gave it an 8
it's awesome how he sings with so much passion
fav. songs
let me burn
you are good (piano and cello movement)
who even thought of this smiley?

If we are out of our minds, it is for the sake of Christ."- St. Paul

You are my joy in sadness
peace in madness
everything's backwards with You
Love in trial
cry then smile
i know that this much is true
i love You
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Unread 02-25-2003, 06:24 PM   #3
formerly ocsupertoneguy
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The first time i listened to this cd I didnt like it. It had too much electric guitar effect and all the intro's sound kinda the same. I still think that but it has grown on me a little bit more. I think the cd would be better if there was a bit of varity w/ the songs and if they included an acoustic in the songs. I give it a 7. He did do an awesome job w/ I give you my heart and I'd rather have jesus. But I recommend this to worship people and old sonicflooders.

Key Songs: More love more power, Lord i give you my heart, Let me burn, I'd rather have Jesus
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Unread 03-04-2003, 09:34 AM   #4
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A 7?!?!? A 10 doesn't even suffice for this CD. It is definitely one of my favorites. I am a big Sonicflood fan so I knew it was gonna be a hit with me. AN di was not disappointed at all! The whole CD is an annointed heart cry to God. My favorite songs are Satisfy and You are Good. You can't not like this CD. A definite must buy!
In his love,
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Unread 04-13-2003, 03:22 PM   #5
JESUS(I'm NOT ashamed!)

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I definatly think, in reality, Jeff Deyo is a worshipper, and nothing else. So, even if you don't like the music, at least listen to the words, especially the ones he wrote, and you will hear his heart. I know that Jeff Deyo, and the life of Christ he lives, would rather have Jesus than anything else...Let that encourage us, to Rather have Jesus, than anything else in this world....

I gave it a 10, but, the Lord has really moved through some of the songs, when I've been listening to it....Jesus gets all glory for this, and I know, Jeff, would Def. say the same

I'd rather have Jesus....probably my fav. one...because of the words....

I love Jesus, yes i do, I love Jesus how bout you?
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Unread 08-04-2003, 04:15 PM   #6

Posts: n/a
Thumbs up

I love it! I just came back from the Assemblies of God National Fine Arts Festival, where they had Jeff for praise and worship, and he is definitely a worshiper. His heart is so into it. God truly has His hand on this man's life and is using him in an awesome way. He's so humble, but he and his band are excellent. A '10' could never do him justice. This guy is just phenominal. I listened to his cd and, I don't normally say this, it's just as good. Even his cd pulls me into worship. I respect him as a musician, worship leader, and a Christian. He is definitely a new role model to me. I could go on, but I need to stop now. LOVE YA, JEFF!!
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Unread 01-11-2004, 11:38 AM   #7
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CD Reviews

Jeff Deyo ~ Saturate

The Sound: Rocky-Worship.

The Similarities: Basically the old Sonicflood was cutting edge, rock blended with P&W. He was the first to do it, and does it again here. There aren’t many other bands who do it like he does, so there really aren’t and comparisons except old school Sonicflood.

The Stars: 9 (out of 10)

The Skinny: Jeff does a lot of great things here. There is nothing catchier than the rock/praise sound he puts out. He’s original, creative, and has a talented backing band. The album could have used a little more punch, and possibly less cliched lyrics on a few songs, and maybe another good solo or two, but otherwise the album works well for an almost perfect rating.

The Songs & Stories: The first album from Jeff as a solo artist after his breakup from Sonicflood. It all starts after Sonicpraise, the live album from Sonicflood(Jeff Deyo – lead vocals, Dwayne Larring – guitars, Rick Heil – bass, backing vocals, Aaron Blanton – drums, and Jason Halbert – keyboards.) This was a strange album because it was compiled of songs done on the previous Sonicflood album along with other favorite worship songs, and it was done live, with 2 members that weren’t really part of the band, Rick Heil, a very newly acquired bass player who joined just after the album Sonicflood hit record stores, and Aaron Blanton, who was practically only a touring drummer for the band. While there wasn’t a lot of reasoning to Sonicpraise, Sonicflood proved to be a very good live band. But after that album, the band split apart. Blanton joined an upcoming project band, which is now the group By the Tree, a relative success in CCM. The other members voted Deyo out, for reasons I do not know, and Larring and Halbert just up and left claiming Heil was taking over the band. Heil actually would have started another band, but decided that “Sonicflood” would sell better because of its already popular name. Halbert and Larring are now producing for other acts, such as Tim Hughes and Petra with moderate success, but Sonicflood is failing in CD sales, thus proving that Deyo is the key factor behind the bands incredible popularity. And so Saturate is Jeff Deyo doing what he did with Sonicflood, by himself, and doing a darn good job of it if I might add. The album opens with an invocation, just like on Sonicflood. I enjoy seeing(or hearing rather) the prayer at the beginning of an album. In my mind there isn’t a better way to start. Track 2 is the famed, “More Love, More Power.” I first heard this song from Michael W. Smith Worship. And while that song was soft, mellow, and very piano based, this was an extreme left. Sounding a bit techno, and getting loud and heavy, this proves very interesting, especially with Toby Mac chanting in the background. Other sure favorites include “Let it Flow”, “(Lose Myself)Saturate” and “Lord I Give You My Heart”. “Let it Flow” was the first radio single, basically a song about the great commission. It asks for God to touch us and give us a boost to help get His “spirit moving through the streets”. “Lose Myself” is actually the title track (Saturate), Jeff just thought that “Lose Myself” fit the name for the song better, rather than Saturate. “I Give You my Heart” is a pounder that is classic Jeff, and it includes the ever famous “doo-doo-doos” that started with “I Want to Know You” back in the first album. This song might sound a little too close for comfort to that song, but it is a good one nonetheless. “All I Want”, a soft song that features Nicol Smith from Selah, is beautifully done. “Satisfy” has a mini devotional before it, similar to what Jeff did before “My Refuge” on Soncflood. He also interjects before “I’d Rather Have Jesus.” Then there is the three part of “You Are Good”, a string-soaked ballad about God’s love, while simply written and a bit cliched, it is an excellent praise song for church. It features instrumental arrangements of the song: A “Piano & Cello” movement, as well as a full string orchestral track that is very stirring. Add the duet with Rebecca St. James on “Sing to You” and Jeff’s rocking remake of the classic George Beverly Shea’s “I’d Rather Have Jesus” and you have an excellent album compiled of familiar songs and guest artists. The only and I stress ONLY downside, is that a couple of the songs could have had some added flavor, something to make them stick out in my mind(“Thank You for the Life”, “Many Crowns” “Let me Burn”). They are great songs lyrically, but they just lack something to remember. All in all, it’s a buy.

The Summary: A for-sure disc to buy here. Classy, powerful, catchy. This almost flawless album is what it’s all about for anyone looking into worship. This is almost a sequel to Sonicflood. I personally can’t wait until his next album. Buy it!
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Unread 02-11-2004, 07:38 PM   #8
Eaten by a grue
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Jeff took everything that was good about Sonic Flood and did it all over again. And how about that album opener?
Originally Posted by Brent
That's why Jesus would use a 5-10 watt tube combo. Then Jesus can get that nice breakup He likes at a manageable volume. A volume that is somewhat formal but still says I'm here to party. Much like tuxedo t-shirt Jesus.
"If all experienced God in the same way and returned Him an identical worship, the song of the Church triumphant would have no symphony, it would be like an orchestra in which all the instruments played the same note." - C.S. Lewis
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Unread 02-15-2004, 03:21 AM   #9
do not shut the heavens
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i totally love it! i love more love more power, satisfy, and let it flow!
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Unread 02-24-2004, 07:32 PM   #10
JESUS(I'm NOT ashamed!)

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Hey, where is the poll about Jeff's newest CD???
I love Jesus, yes i do, I love Jesus how bout you?
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Unread 12-22-2005, 10:54 PM   #11
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I love the CD, but I only gave it a 7. There isn't enough variance between songs. Also Deyo is on a dissadince kick on this CD. Check out Light and his latest Live CD for a much better version of Deyo.
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Unread 03-05-2006, 10:07 PM   #12

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who plays the cello in you are good (piano and cello movement)? or is it a group of people?
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