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Unread 06-11-2002, 06:33 PM   #16
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Originally posted by Zora
And here's another way to break a string:

Method #5: Trying to play "Flood" by Jars of Clay, and tuning your high e up to a g (that's 1 1/2 steps), which causes your string to snap right in the middle of a guitar lesson!

That one happened to me today, lucky for me, my guitar teacher had an extra string! By the way, how do you do this re-intonating thing? Something I should probably do, because I've used a few different brands of strings without changing anything.
AMEN!!!! I always break the G string whenever I tune back up. I've tried taking an hour(no joke) to tune back and it still breaks. ARGH!!!


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Unread 06-12-2002, 09:17 AM   #17
Good Grief!!!

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By the way, how do you do this re-intonating thing?
Re-intonating an electric guitar is not too hard. The goal is to move the individual saddle points for each string until the harmonic at the 12th fret is in tune with the fretted note at the 12th fret. Basically, you move the saddle around in small increments until the two pitches match. I use a nice electronic tuner for this, although some folks like to have it a little bit "off," but to the taste of their ear, and so they intonate by ear.

Re-intonating an acoustic involves purchasing a new bridge, removing the old one, and working on the new one with a router. That can be very hard unless you've got experience in luthiery, and even then.......

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Unread 06-12-2002, 09:40 AM   #18
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Hey, thanks! I've got an electric, which is good, because I'm NOT luthier... lol...
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