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Unread 06-13-2018, 01:30 PM   #1
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The Beater Guitar Tuners

Beater guitar tuners. You know the ones I'm writing about; multiple pieces, and cover that look a little like turtle shells. I've got two guitar with them, a Fender acoustic DG7 and a Epiphone LP Junior. I really like playing both guitars and bought both guitars new for $75 and $60. The Epiphone LP is a 2014 and so it spent 4 years in its box somewhere for 4 years. From the start the tuners felt a little stiff. Would be easy to turn then stiffen in spots. I for one am not going buy turners that cost as much as the guitar itself. 15 years ago I did a inexpensive turner repair on the DG7 that worked and those same turners still hold tune while playing that beater acoustic to this day.

On the LP Junior, once I removed the covers I found the dab of grease they used had hardened. It was flaky, dark brown, and didn't provide lubrication for the gears 360 degrees. I took the brass gears off and two or three had a couple teeth with hard grease on them with the rest of the teeth being dry. Other gears showed no signs of lubrication. The grease they used simply did not find its way all the way around the gears. I clean the brass gears and the worm gears. Then as I put them back together I made sure any metal to metal contact was lubricated. I use a clear gel lube called Super Lube on my guitars for stuff like this. Has always worked well. I don't put the covers back on these tuners because I like the look without them and it makes upkeep easier.

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These are what the diamond plate tuners look like underneath? Very interesting.
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