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Unread 03-23-2017, 08:42 PM   #1
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Some thoughts on overdrives...

Where to start? I've recently gotten back into the pedal game with several acquisitions in the overdrive/distortion department. An unhealthy habit I know, but I'm a bit impulsive at times. And now on to my thougts...

Lovepedal Eternity Burst (hand-wired): A fantastic overdrive that makes my guitar sound rather velvety and smooth. Not quite in the 'dumble' arena but some of the texture is certainly there. I've played SEVERAL other models of the E' and this one is overall my favorite and probably the most versatile one I've personally heard.

Barber GCX: I fell in love with an ancestor to this pedal (the unLimiTeD) and loved it even more when the Gain Changer came out because of the greater control and amount of options. Then came the GCX a few months ago and I have my new #1 overdrive. It's an expanded Gain Changer with internat adjustments for presence and bass and a top-mounted mids control. While it is an IC based overdrive like my Eternity pedals it is FAR from a TS sound. It has a lot more grunt and thickness than you'd think and is the closest pedal I've found to being legitimately 'transparent' (I know, an overused word).

Lovepedal Eternity E6 Orange (PCB): The E6 is supposed to be the highest gain version of the Eternity that Sean has ever produced. I've found vague, at best, information saying that the orange version is slightly different than other E6's. Possible differences aside, it's another wonderful flavor of overdrive. It's a bit clearer than the E' Burst with less overall midrange, but it doesn't like the gain maxed out with my guitar. If I do that it gets tubby and squishy throughout all frequencies. Leave the gain knob at 50% however, and all of a sudden it becomes a spectacular low gain overdrive with a bit of bark and plenty of sparkle.

Mad Professor Stone Grey Distortion: One of the nicest straight-up distortion pedals I've met. Very clear and chunky with more gain than I'd ever need but I believe it favors darker-sounding guitars.

Lovepedal Hi Volt Ruby: Great british-flavored overdrive with a stupidly-powerful EQ section. Very, very RICH sounding and truck-loads of output.

Lovepedal Fab50 Tiki (hand-wired): An interesting pedal that starts off in super-light but still chewy overdrive and morphs into light buzzy-fuzz for what I'd think of as a more indie-rock sound.

Last, but certainly not least, a crazy idea. I recently ordered ... I'll just call it a passive signal combiner from SaturnWorks. The idea is that it's a single in, single out stomp with two parallel loops so I can run two pedals (overdrives specifically) at the same time without stacking them in series. It may be a fruitless endeavor that ends in a very disappointing fashion, but it could also be awesome! More to follow on that.

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Unread 03-24-2017, 02:54 PM   #2
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I like the idea of that passive looping deal.
We've all got ideas. We are the music makers. We make money to buy things, and write down words.

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