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Unread 03-16-2017, 10:28 PM   #1
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philosophy 101

If you were asked to give the briefest overview of modern philosophy in a paragraph, list the top 5 or 10 principles of modern philosophy, or articulate the basics of modern philosophy: what would that look like?

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Unread 03-17-2017, 08:50 AM   #2
and you were wondering??
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Good question!

I think depending on who you asked you'd probably get different answers, but let me give a shot.

I think Wittgenstein is invaluable. He wrote about a lot of different things, but perhaps most well-known is his work on "language games". I'm butchering things, but here we have the recognition that language and hoe language functions is highly contextual and dependent on the "games" that one is in the midst of. Someone else could probably much more succinctly explain Wittgenstein.

Kant is another pillar of modern philosophy. What do we have here but the recognition that we never fully "see" or "experience" what is truly there. That we are caught in the tension of the noumenal and phenomenal. Our minds categorise what is "there" in the world in specific ways, and we cannot truly escape from these ways of categorising things.

I think it is true that post-modernity is really nothing more than the logical outcome of modernity. Namely, a sort of skepticism about the way things are and the possibilities of constructing accurately reality. It is the importance of recognising our inability to land on certainty. Here, we could think of Jacques Derrida and his understanding language, and most especially his project of "deconstruction". There are numerous ways this can be demonstrated or explained, and it is a highly complex term. But, he tried to show that, linguistically, we can rarely determine a fixed r rigid reading of a text, that texts are you constantly shifting, and that attempts to settle on certain readings or constructions of texts always breakdown. This is, in his later work, applied in a more epistemological (concerning theories of knowing) way. Reality is like this, essentially.

Maybe I will try to edit this to make it a bit more accurate later. Kinds just riffing right now.

But, I think some of the main problems in philosophy are still about "knowing" and what we can know. And, this easily shifts into ontological questions, questions about Being. Hee we could look more specifically at Heidegger as one of the most important recent modern philosophers. I'll try to say something about him later, but I think his work gets to the core about important questions concerning humanity.
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Originally Posted by Demon_Hunter View Post
Taylor, you just got drive-by theologied.
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Unread 03-19-2017, 10:53 PM   #3
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Good response. Thank you.

I found a podcast I'm fairly excited about. It's a series of lectures that were recorded for a college level introduction to philosophy online class. Lectures 2 and 3 were on dualism with an emphasis on the views of Descartes. So I'm looking forward to the rest of the series anyway.
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