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Unread 04-08-2016, 02:14 AM   #1
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Orthodox choral music for Pascha (Easter!)

Hey folks,

I'm not sure how many people here have been exposed to the Orthodox Christian worship tradition, but for anyone who is interested I found a really good English-speaking church choir that recorded some of the best parts of Holy Week and the Triduum (the three days of Great Friday ('Good Friday', as it's called in the West), Holy Saturday, and Pascha Sunday).

In particular, listen to "Let God Arise", the Canon of Holy Saturday, and the Paschal Canon. The Lamentations are also cool - they're basically a series of short hymn verses lamenting the death of Jesus interspersed with the verses of Psalm 119.

Holy Week & Pascha | Heliostasis


(Also, it's worth noting that this particular musical tradition is very characteristic of the Slavic (Russian, mostly, as well as Ukrainian) churches)

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"Let us begin the fast with joy!
Let us prepare ourselves for spiritual efforts!
Let us cleanse our soul and cleanse our flesh!
Let us abstain from every passion as we abstain from food!
Let us rejoice in virtues of the Spirit and fulfill them in love!
That we all may see the Passion of Christ our God,
And rejoice in spirit at the holy Pascha!"

- from the Stikhera of Forgiveness Vespers

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That particular music is my favorite arrangement of "Let God Arise."
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