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Unread 04-20-2015, 10:26 PM   #1
Rabid Wombat
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Where did all the stickies go?

Stickies on this site are meant to be temporary. As such, they had over stayed their welcome. Also because this forum was merged from several other forums, there were a buttload of them, and they didn't really tell you what they pertained to, and they were ugly and confusing.

Not only that but because this is a conglomeration of a bunch of low traffic forums, in the interest of creating traffic, I think it would be better for discussion and traffic if we removed all of the old stickies. That and half the people who started those are no longer around to keep them updated.

So... if you need something, create a new thread. I'll create more stickies if there becomes a need for them.

Thank you,

Your friendly modinator,
AXimus AXamillion AXington
First of his name, moderator of the guitars and other instruments, changer or journal titles, haver of long titular epithets.


AXimus AXamillion AXington
First of his name, moderator of the guitars and other instruments forums, changer of journal titles, haver of long titular epithets.

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