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Unread 06-28-2014, 12:29 PM   #31
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Originally Posted by etechstan View Post
My brother is a huge snob. He only plays '90s MIA Jacksons and CIJ Charvels, I think he owns 4 or 5 of these. He always puts down my gear, a PRS SE Tremonte (gone now), and Fender Highway One Strat. I bought an Affinity Strat for modding purposes. Put a Mighty Mite neck on it with a fake MIA Fender decal and showed it to him. He did his little shred stuff on it and told me its the best guitar I've owned so far. When I told him what it really was, he called me a liar so I told him to get a closer look at the decal. He was duped but won't admit it.
Should tell him that you can build one for him...for a price, haha!

We've all got ideas. We are the music makers. We make money to buy things, and write down words.

I'm a podcaster
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Unread 06-30-2014, 07:21 PM   #32
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While I've owned a Gibson SG for 20 plus years, I've bought sold and traded many guitars, MIM Strats, PRS SE models, Dean Strat copy, as well as others. These guitars have served me well over the years, but all found their way to Craigslist. I enjoyed most, some more than others, but was never completely satisfied. About a year ago I bought a 2005 LP Standard, and it was the guitar I have been searching for, for the past 15 years. Don't get me wrong, the others were excellent guitars, but the difference to me was unmistakable. I also have had a seagull acoustic for about 18 years, it has served me well and still have it. But I just recently purchased a Martin 000-17sm. Say what you will, most higher end guitars are worth the money. By no means am I a "snob", I've just been able to aquire some higher end gear recently, and didn't realize what I was missing.

The crazy thing is, is that all of this took place once I started serving the church and the Lord with my music.
1992 Gibson SG
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Unread 06-30-2014, 08:06 PM   #33
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Thank you for a refreshing journey for this guitar enthusiast. I've had a few nice guitars as well... mostly in the mid level of quality. Recently, I found an awesome guitar in the shallow end economically. I'm a finger picker and typically play acoustic. A Hohner guitar caught my attention at a pawn shop. I'm a total fan.
Had a Taylor for awhile. Was thinking of replacing it. Not anymore. God is good!!!!

My favorite gear is in the vocal department. I use 3 different vocal harmonizers. An array of 3 mikes on one stand. I've tried several different types. Found what works best for me.

They work best in quieter music. To high a SPL in ambient sound confuses it. Best for solo and small arrangements. A noise gate could possibly take care of that issue, but I haven't tried that.

Anyway, I'm rambling...

It is so cool how God blesses!!!
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Unread 09-01-2014, 06:06 PM   #34
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Having read through all the posts here, and seen numerous similar threads on other guitar forums, I have to say I run into much more reverse snobbery than anything. If I have read once I'v read hundreds of times how XYZ guitar model will out perform any Martin, Taylor, Gibson or what ever…for 1/4 the cost. It seems anything over $500 is thought to be the sin of pride.

Wish some of you would remember the line about being without sin and casting the first stone.

I'm strictly an acoustic player and was given my first guitar in 1960. It was a Sears Silvertone arch top. It was terrible, no…horrible. It is a miracle I didn't give up the idea of playing guitar right then and there. With periods of not playing over the years I have only now, at age 65, come to appreciate some of the subtleties of tone wood, back and side woods, 12-fret necks vs 14 fret and the myriad of other things that make guitars different and some (not all) better than others.

I try to be encouraging to everyone about what ever they are playing. Be it expensive or not makes not one bit of difference to me. And, what they think of what I play doesn't matter either. I play to glorify God. He's who I'm playing for.

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Unread 01-03-2015, 09:00 PM   #35
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The problem with the low vs high end argument is that the high end acoustics are handmade and solid woods.This makes a huge dif from guitar to guitar. I own a martin 000-28ec. I fell in love playing a worked over clapton 10 years ago when i was staying with a friend in boston. I fell in love and played the claptons everytime i set foot in a guitar center. The dif from guitar to guitar would boggle your mind dispite being the same model. My particular guitar is very balanced and bright. Ive played a few that were so dull and lifeless that i would take my $100 beater jasmine over them Anyday. That said a 314 is a 314 is a 314. They all play the exact same. Reasonably well. To me nothing beats the feel of martins v neck tho. Over all the higherend guitars can have huge differences between guitars simply because of the dif in everything from the luther making them to the dif in the characteristics of the wood and trees used to build them.
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Unread 03-06-2015, 02:04 PM   #36
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With a family to raise I never had the extra cash for snob level guitars. I've played many and from the beginning I did so to figure out why and how to make mine guitars play better and sound better. From the start I learned and have done all my own work and set ups on my guitars and gear. A little goes a long way and you don't have to spend much.
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Unread 08-06-2015, 11:51 PM   #37
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"Snobbery" is nothing new and won't likely be going away any time soon. I've definitely played the part in my past, having had more than a few pass through my hands. Then a few years ago a Billy Corgan Strat landed in my hands and tore down nearly all of my preconceived notions on what a guitar should consist of. Fast forward to 2012 where I got to see Brenton Brown live at a Christian Musician summit and my thoughts on tone were shattered (from a metal head who swore by active pickups for 10+ years).

Basically, if it holds its tuning and the intonation isn't irreparably off, you can make music with just about anything. Will it shred? Not as easily as something designed and carefully manufactured to, but you can still bang out a spiffy tune or two. The trouble with some "cheap" equipment is a lack of depth or versatility, not just in tone but in comfortable playability, that's when a better (but not necessarily terribly expensive) instrument can open up more possibilities.

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Unread 08-12-2015, 08:49 PM   #38
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One of the biggest regrets of my "snobby" youthful past was leaving and absolutely beautiful playing and sounding Godin hanging on the rack at the local shop and walking out with a more expensive but not better sounding or playing Les Paul, because "Non of the bands I listen too play Godin guitars"
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Unread 08-12-2015, 10:48 PM   #39
Live life on island time
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Originally Posted by aljb17
One of the biggest regrets of my "snobby" youthful past was leaving and absolutely beautiful playing and sounding Godin hanging on the rack at the local shop and walking out with a more expensive but not better sounding or playing Les Paul, because "Non of the bands I listen too play Godin guitars"
I am always completely amazed everytime I play my Godin A6 ultra...
The quality build and tone is beyond the price point...

And nothing like finding a perfect playing American telecaster with a maple neck...
tonal heaven
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Unread 08-14-2015, 07:49 AM   #40
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Originally Posted by JayGLongBeach View Post
I am always completely amazed everytime I play my Godin A6 ultra...
The quality build and tone is beyond the price point...

You get a lot of very good guitar for a middle of the road price with Godin
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Unread 12-30-2015, 11:42 PM   #41
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Four month thread revival:

This is not a linear issue. The difference between a $500 guitar and a $1500 guitar won't be that the more expensive one will be three times as good. How do you measure "three times" when it comes to music anyway? That's like saying a $90000 car is three times better than a $30000 car, but is a new Ford GT40 at $400,000 that much better again?

With guitars you do get something for your money though. You get a neck that's had more attention paid to it. You get pickups with more clarity and warmth or growl or whatever it is you're listening for. You get lighter, better, prettier tonewoods (especially on acoustics). You get more detailing in the finish, the joints, and fretwork. You get tuners that stay in tune a little better. Each of us has to make the personal decision on how much we're willing to pay for those things, but if you want them you will have to pay something for them, and they add up.

I own seven guitars:
The Gibson jumbo is superior in every way to the two other acoustics. The others aren't bad guitars (and I have each for a good reason), but the Gib is miles ahead. It's a Cadillac next to a Toyota Yaris and a Jeep Wrangler. There's no doubt it was a great selection on my part.

The two telecasters (one truly vintage, the other assembled from hand-chosen parts) are better instruments than the $399 Epiphone Dot (even with the addition of Gibson pickups). I really like the Dot; it's fun to play and sounds good, but it's not the same-quality guitar as the teles. On the other hand I can't justify spending $2000 or more on a good Gibson 335 , even though I know I could find one I'd like better. The teles are great; the Dot is plenty good enough.

My bass was built from parts by a friend who does such things. He shaped the neck just like I wanted and charged me $300 out the door. It's definitely not the quality of a top-line Fender J but I don't play bass out that much and it's certainly fine for whent I do. If I start making money on bass I may upgrade but there's no need.

When it comes to guitars, I've learned in 40 years of playing that almost always the big names, at their best, are better than the also-rans at their best, and better at the medium-level than most also-rans at the medium level. Under $150 nobody really makes a good guitar; good parts are expensive, and so is good workmanship. If you get a cheap guitar that's better than the elite guitar next to it some builder was probably having a very good day (or a bad one), it got a better set up or newer strings, it's been played more or kept in a better room, or you just aren't paying enough attention. In other words, the great cheap one is at its best and the elite one is deficient.

PS: A long time ago I made a deal with God that if He gave me nice instruments I'd play them for Him whenever He gave me the chance. I call that a bargain - the best I ever had.
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Unread 12-31-2015, 08:00 AM   #42
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Like you, I have a lot of guitars. More than I can play. I share your thoughts regarding higher end instruments vs. mid-tier instruments.

I have 2 Martins (HD-28V and SPD16 K2). Both are outstanding in their own right.
The 28 is the classic bluegrass / country rhythm cannon
The Koa top back and sides (K2) has a wonderful "modern / folk" type of tone.
Attention to detail in fretwork, neck, fit/finish is stellar.

However, in church every Sunday, I play a Yamaha FGX 730SC.

Why? well, it's less than 1/4 the price of the Martins and by the time some reverb is added, it goes through the sound board and the sound guy does whatever he does and then played through the house speakers there is truly very little difference in the sound. Yamaha pickups are very good and the neck & frets were dressed quite nicely on this particular guitar. After I did a little set up (filed nut slots a little deeper and sanded a couple thousandths off the saddle) to bring the action down, it plays quite nice.

Although I have my guitars insured, why risk a very expensive instrument on stage when the mid-price will do the same job...

Electrics, I have Epi LP and a Fender Mexi Strat (with Fender USA Noiseless pups). Depending on the mood and the song set on a given week I'll play either and both are decent. I'm an acoustic player so no need to dump big bucks on a LP or US Strat. In fact, I sold my US Strat to buy a nice old ODE Banjo.

Have a few others (Taylor 714 Nylon) and a couple "campfire" guitars.

Sorry, chased a rabbit down a hole there. I agree with the premise that the high end guitars are a pleasure to own, play and admire, and, yes there is a noticeable difference between those and the mid tier. The "$200 entry level" guitars are typically not worth even looking at unless that is all one can afford and even then, I'd strongly suggest Craig's List and search for a mid-tier (like the Yamaha FG series, Seagull, Breedlove, etc.) used for about the same price.

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Unread 12-31-2015, 12:20 PM   #43
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jeffnles1, I'm with you wholeheartedly. Most people don't need a pro-quality instrument but they'll be happier players (IMHO) if they get the best they can afford. One of my acoustics, a 1982 Yamaha FG340, was the best I could afford at the time and it's been around the world on missions trips and of course it's the one that goes to anything involving a campfire or beach!

And isn't it funny how a good amp or a good soundman makes a big difference, too, but we spend most of our time obsessing about nuances of the guitars?
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Unread 06-05-2016, 08:50 PM   #44
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Well in general, I can't agree more with what has already been said regarding the fact that you don't need expensive guitars to play well and sound good. On the other hand, cheap guitars don't cut the mustard either. A reasonable mid range price guitar whether it's electric or acoustic will almost always do the job. Having said that, a well known relatively expensive brand usually plays, sounds and usually looks better. To be frank a good guitarist will make even the crappiest guitar sound good, so if you haven't got the chops, it will be noticeable on any guitar you pick up to play. For what it's worth, I myself have a 2003 Fender Telecaster Highway 1, a 1969 Gibson SG Special, a 1983 Gibson ES 335 dot, a Maton Messiah acoustic and a Taylor 314CE. And I use them all as often as possible. However, for day to day use, I tend to use the Tele and the Maton the most.
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