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Unread 07-25-2013, 05:54 PM   #1
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The Future of Internal Combustion...

Now THIS is cool! Koenigsegg is doing some seriously cool things.

By using pneumatic actuators, these guys have managed to create an engine without cams. Therefore, lift/timing/duration are all infinitely variable for every throttle position and RPM. Basically, it's like having massive square cam lobes if you want them, or not if you don't. And seeing as how you no longer are RPM limited by the valvetrain, you could build the bottom end of a motor to spin extra high... and make big power.

You could also program it to use the intake valves to act as your throttle body, so you wouldn't need any sort of restrictive Air Mass Sensor or AFM... or throttle body of any kind. The intake system would be super clean, which means even more efficiency.

This video does a good job of explaining it. The bottom line is this: 30% more power and torque, and a 30% increase in fuel economy. So if your goal was the same power output as before, you can now make the engine smaller and lighter, resulting in even better fuel economy. Or you can just rev to the moon and do cool things.

The Future of the Internal Combustion Engine - /Inside Koenigsegg - YouTube

All I know is that I want a BMW S50 engine with that technology. It's 3.0 L and 240 hp to begin with, and would get 26 mpg... do some quick math and you end up with 312 hp and almost 34 mpg. Throw in solid lifters and spin it faster, and you'd get more.

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Unread 07-25-2013, 09:12 PM   #2
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i watched that whole series...it made me appreciate the engineering that went into the koenigsegg.

agreed...that engine would be sweet.
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