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Unread 07-20-2013, 04:11 PM   #1
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Organic vs. Non-organic

I've been experimenting a little bit with getting organic produce vs. regular non-organic that most of us are probably used to, and reading a little bit on the differences and whether or not organic is really that much better. It seems like the biggest differences are that there are far fewer chemicals used in the growing process. I haven't had a lot of organic meats or poultry.

Has anybody else noticed any big differences when eating organic food? Taste, shelf life, expensiveness, cookability, etc.

I could swear organic baby carrots taste better than the regular ones but that may be wishful thinking. I also usually buy organic salad because I can get a bigger container and it's not really any more expensive than buying Dole or whatever other prepackaged salad is out there. I'm aware that organic food tends to spoil faster, but I have yet to notice any difference with the vegetables I have gotten. Fruit may be a different story but I tend to gobble that up quicker.

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Unread 07-20-2013, 06:02 PM   #2
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For awhile Melissa was swearing by organic tomatoes. I don't know if they were that much better. Whether or not we get them seems to come down to who buys the produce.
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Unread 07-20-2013, 07:03 PM   #3
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There are certain foods that absorb more pesticides than others. You can search for the "dirty dozen" of pesticide residue. Those I like to buy organic whenever I can.

Overall, the biggest advantage of organic, however, is for the planet. (Although that ultimately benefits us because healthier soils produce healthier food.)

As for taste difference, I don't really taste any. Except. Organic Girl prepackaged salads. That stuff is amazing and lasts forever.
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