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Unread 04-16-2013, 07:37 PM   #1
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Adventures in Water Pump Failure

So....here's how my weekend went. I get a call from my wife informing me that the car was overheating. She picks up some coolant, tops it off and calls back a short time later to report the same issue. She leaves the car a parking lot less than a mile from our home and takes a cab the rest of the way home with our kids.

I am suspecting that the thermostat needs to be changed, so pick up the parts and walk over to where our car is. I take a look under the hood and see that there is a little coolant remaining in the reservoir and decide to drive the car home since it was a short distance.

I begin prepping to remove the thermostat and once I got the engine cover, I noticed a rather obvious problem: the camshaft belt that drives the water pump was missing. OK, so I locate the proper sized belt and begin the process of getting on the pulleys by bumping the engine. I had to order a second belt because I ended up sheering off the outer edge of the first one. Also, in the process of trying to bump the engine, my battery died.

Got a replacement and continued my attempt at installing the first belt. Almost got it on, but like a big dummy, I let the engine run which lead to the belt's untimely demise. Could not find another one in stock locally, so I ordered one which arrived early Sunday morning. This time, I had succeeded in replacing the belt. It was properly seated on both pulleys and everything was looking great. I thought very highly of myself for about a minute or so. I stared the car and was about to take it for a test drive only to look under the hood and see smoke. Once the smoke cleared, the new belt (which was installed correctly) was cut crosswise. And then I knew it was time to quit.....there was coolant leaking from the water pump. Got it towed to the shop and $650.00 later (potential guitar money) my car is fixed and all is well......(except that it cost over $600.00 to achieve this wellness)

Rom. 12:21; Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.
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Unread 04-17-2013, 09:43 AM   #2
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Bummer. Sounds like the water pump bearings were toast, causing it to jam up and tear the belt, as well as taking the water pump seal out too. Hopefully the mechanic replaced the thermostat as part of the job.
Overheating can ruin a thermostat or a temp sensor or make them operate erratically.
Keep an eye on your engine temp for a while, if not. They may be okay, but for a short time be watchful.
Sorry Bro...
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