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Unread 07-07-2012, 04:42 PM   #16
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Yeah I dont see why we should follow the Psalms, not saying they are no good just nothing says thats how the music should be, music evlolves stuff david did was diffreint form (enter other guy here)
The big reasson for this is music taste, as always the generation in chrage for the most part is not "connected" or feels that the songs are not meant for church, my mom in the 70- 80 had the same problem, its not that they cant be its that like always the ones in chrage more or less stick to what they like

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I honestly would have guessed the actual Kentl was mulletman and vice versa...
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Apparently, he gave you persistence by the truckload.
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Ok, the fact you spelled that right proves it.
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Unread 07-08-2012, 03:06 PM   #17
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These are interesting perspectives all.

Dwight's question regarding the use of the imprecatory psalms is a perpetual one. Given Jesus' command to bless, how are we to understand the Psalms' imprecations? Historically, many in the Church have drawn an analogy betwixt the Psalmist's enemies and the Christian's primary enemies--the world, the flesh, and the devil. I suppose in a place like Nigeria where Christians of late have been suffering severe persecution, the Psalms' calls for deliverance can be sung in their literal meaning.

Sean's point about CCM's emphasis on being positive and encouraging is relevant. Surely music designed for such purposes has a place, just not the total place, in Christian life and worship. Perhaps a Temple analogy is valid. Some music is for outside the Temple, some for the court of the Gentiles, some for the holy and most holy places.

Kentl's candid observations raise excellent questions about legitimate music developments. Does God have anything to say about our taste in music? Does He tell us to use the Psalms? How do we know what worship pleases Him best? Do generations prior to the one currently in charge have any answers to contribute? Is the generation in charge sometimes tyrannical? How can the Church's music be made to appeal across the generations and be a uniting factor rather than a divisive one? Bonhoeffer, again, was a big proponent of the Psalms. In his booklet on the Prayer Book of the Bible he wrote: "The richness of the Word of God ought to determine our prayer, not the poverty of our heart."
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