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Worship Leader

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Originally Posted by gracioushelper View Post
Well, I'll start with my introduction. I've been using the tab site off and on for a while, but have started doing worship at my church's Celebrate Recovery. I find it a hassle, and not worshiping God as I should. There's been several problems with me doing the worship, and am wondering if I'm supposed to lead worship or not.
The first problem is I get really really nervous before we start the worship. I've brought this to the CR leader, and I've also asked God to deal with it. It doesn't help when we have the meal and the service in the same room. So, I'm having to get all the stuff set up (guitar, speakers, PA, cords, microphones, song list) all by myself. This is the same room that we host a community meal every wendseday, and worship service for the kids, and young adult/college group on wendsday nights. So, having everything left alone is not really something I can prevent, and don't let it bring me down too much.
Also, I'm not that great at singing, and I know the verse in the Bible that talks about making a joyful noise to the Lord, and people say it doesn't matter, but it matters to me. It doesn't help when I can hear everyone singing over me. I've voiced my opinion to the CR leader about this by asking if we could meet in the sanctuary, where everyone worships at normal services. He said that this would pose a problem because people would bring their drinks and food into the service, which isn't supposed to be there in the first place. He also stated we don't have the numbers for having it in the sanctuary, and people would get distracted. The church this is in isn't a stadium type building, so I don't see how this is going to affect it.

So, to help with sinning, the leader asked someone to help me sing, but I have to call her, or she doesn't show up, and she doesn't know the songs. I know she could take the lyrics home with her, and learn them off of youtube. I even made a cd with most of the songs on it that we do in church, but she didn't come. I'm at the point where I'm about to tell her off, but I know that's not the way to handle things.

Another rant I have is that the fellowship hall has really bad accoustics. It's a small room, but they put carpet down at least. I feel like I'm fighting with the mic and my guitar the whole time.

If anyone has some tips or something that worked for them, I'd appreciate it.
Dear Gracioushelper;
I have been doing worship for over a year with my CR group and enjoy everyday that I can lift up the Lord with Music. My guitar skills are top notch and my singing is also good. However I too get nervous before I sing, but when I pray with the people before I start It calms me down. Remember your not playing for yourself, but the Lord Jesus. Realize that if the people didn't want you to do worship then they would tell you. so you must be doing something right. When people sing above you it means that they are in the Holy Spirit and I dwell on it and It fills me up also. Good luck in your worship and remember it only gets better. As far as having someone singing with you that can't make a commitment than just do it yourself. I have the same situation with on of my singers, but I realize I have not control over what she does and realize she has a life too. God Bless You
Jim D.

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