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Unread 07-04-2006, 09:19 PM   #46
I don't like applesauce
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Top Ten TV Shows According To CGR (Past and Present)

I'm starting a tv thread since, many people have formed opinions on the topic of which shows they deem as "best in show". This list includes all genres: sitcoms, improv comedies, comedies in general, dramatic, science fiction, reality, action/adventure, fantasy, cartoons, anime, animated. They all belong here in this list.

This list can include past and present. And feel free to edit your list, and change things as new shows come out each season. (If you need to change a show, please do NOT start a new one, just edit your previous one.)

I will start...

2. One Tree Hill
4. Grey's Anatomy
5. Friends
6. Scrubs
7. Mad About You
8. That 70's Show
9. The Office
10. Who's Line Is It Anyway?

Honorable Mention:
1. Big Brother
2. American Idol
3. Charmed
4. Full House
5. Saved By The Bell
6. Bones
7. Conan O'Brien Show
8. SNL
9. Mad Tv
10. House

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Unread 07-06-2006, 11:07 AM   #47
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No order for me. Just ten off the top of my head, I'll try to refine it later.

1. Beavis and Butt-Head
2. South Park
3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
4. The Muppet Show
5. SNL
6. Hercules: The Legendary Adventures
7. Samurai Jack
8. Mash
9. Dragon Ball Z
10. Rurouni Kenshin
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Unread 07-06-2006, 12:16 PM   #48
Be happy
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Have there really been 10 good ones?

1. M*A*S*H
2. Law & Order (particularly SVU)
3. Good Eats
4. Star Trek (particularly TNG)
5. Americal Idol
6. Late Night with Conan O'Brien
7. Late Show with David Letterman
8. Whose Line Is It Anyway?

And... I think that's all. Full House is good for a family sitcom. Trading Spaces was good before it became about trying to make people's rooms look as ugly as possible. Neither really merits mention in a list though.
Lord, have mercy
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Unread 07-06-2006, 11:24 PM   #49
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1. The Office (UK version)
2. South Park
3. Star Trek: The Next Generation
4. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
5. Star Trek
6. Frasier
7. Star Trek: Voyager
8. John Safran's Music Jamboree
9. Cops
10. Law & Order SVU

I don't like television all that much.
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Unread 07-07-2006, 09:25 PM   #50
likes pleasant suprises
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1) Lost
2) Grey's Anatomy
3) Scrubs
4) House
5) Law and Order
6) Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien
7) Seinfeld
8) The Simpsons
9) Knight Rider
10) Macgyver
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Unread 07-20-2006, 10:36 AM   #51
Unregistered Visitor
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1. Seinfeld- it was just plain hilarious
2. Boy Meets World- it was funny and sad at the same time
3. LOST- so addicting that it should have a surgeon general's warning
4. King of the Hill- it's even funnier if you live in texas
5. i love the 80's- who doesn't?
6. i love the 90's- who does?

that's pretty much all the show i watch so there you go
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Unread 07-20-2006, 12:43 PM   #52
Puts the sexy in dyslexia
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Not necessarily in order...

The Simpsons
Family Guy
Boy Meets World
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Saved by the Bell
Quantum Leap
Sports Night
Pinky and the Brain

Last edited by Dr. Worm; 07-20-2006 at 04:22 PM. Reason: I do not actually consider Walker, Texas Ranger to be one ofo the best 10 shows ever, and I forgot about Quantum Leap and Sports Night until Art so graciously reminded me.
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Unread 07-20-2006, 12:59 PM   #53
Hipper Than Thou
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not in any particular order

Night Court
Everybody Loves Raymond
Law & Order
Law & Order: SVU
The Simpsons
Through A Glass Darkly
Lee Reviews Stuff
Granville Center Church of Christ Sermons
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Unread 07-20-2006, 04:06 PM   #54
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Night Court was amazing.

Unfortunately, I only took notice of a couple of these after they got cancelled.

Third Watch
Arrested Development
Sports Night
Quantum Leap
The Office (Either)
South Park
Full House
That 70's Show
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Unread 07-31-2006, 12:18 PM   #55
Howlin' Mad!
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in random order:
The A-Team
Texas SWAT
The Amazing Race
The Dukes of Hazzerd
Knight Rider
Home Improvement
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Unread 07-31-2006, 12:28 PM   #56
Rabid Wombat
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Get Smart
Who's Line
Old School Power Rangers
Pinkey and the Brain
Mind of Mencia
That 70's Show

AXimus AXamillion AXington
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Unread 08-18-2006, 05:09 AM   #57
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Not in a particular order:

Doctor Who (2005 series)
Big Wolf on Campus
The Adventures of Sinbad
Shaman King
Totally Spies

(I know. Judging from this list you wouldn't think I was a day over 14... )
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Unread 08-18-2006, 08:18 AM   #58
Guitars are cool

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Originally Posted by bobthecockroach View Post
3. Good Eats
Alton Brown is the freakin' man. I'd love to just be around him for a week and learn some of the stuff he knows.

My list is in no order, except for the fact that BMW has to be on top.

Boy Meets World
I Love Lucy
All in The Family
Arrested Development
Gundam Wing (well, my favorite of that series, at any rate)
Chappelle's Show
Good Eats
G.I. Joe
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Unread 08-18-2006, 08:42 AM   #59
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Ten great shows, listed in no particular order. But because I have been such a fan of older TV shows, I think I'll divide it into two categories of top tens. Today's best vs. Retro's best. It seems as though, if I just included them all into the top ten spot I'd barely have any current shows.

1. Monk
2. Samurai Champloo
3. Futurama
4. Who's Line is it Anyways?
5. That 70's show
6. Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart(sometimes, when it's good)
7. Seinfield
8. South Park (*sigh* I'm ashamed. There are of course some I hate)
9. Kyle XY
10. Eureka

Retro (as in, no longer airing new seasons)
1. M*A*S*H*
2. Hogan's Heros
3. Quantum Leap
5. Gomer Pile USMC
6. Get Smart
7. Star Trek TNG
8. Farscape
9. Mork and Mindy
10. SNL (I put this in retro because today's SNL sucks)
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Unread 08-18-2006, 09:59 AM   #60
You wanna see dry land?
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I have been to Fort Worth...
And I have been to Spain
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