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Unread 09-27-2005, 08:13 PM   #1
heeeey brother
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Hey guys.
There is lots of repeating in this forum, so I thought I would make a FAQ of things asked lots or things that are just good to know.

Q:I am a beginner at bass, what should I buy?
A:The SX basses at rondomusic.com have a very good reputation and great value for the price. This is the answer you will get in most threads, but if you have a question like "Is [x] worth the price?" or "Is [x] a good quality bass?" feel free to post a thread.

Q: What amp is right for me?
A: That depends on what type of music you play, who you play with, how much you want to spend, etc. It is fine to post about this, but please don't do so until you know what you want from it. When you make a thread, use this form here:
-Experience (I have been playing _ days/weeks/months/years/millenia/etc.)
-Why you want a new amp, if this is not your first (I want a new amp because _ amp can't do _)
-Price range
-Amps you've looked at (I tried [x], and I thought it was really cool! -or- I tried [x] and I didn't like it at all.)
-Musical style (I want to sound like [insert artist])
-If you're willing to buy used gear
-Where you plan to buy (guitar shop/local sellers/eBay/online store/etc.)
-Situations you play in (I [play/will play] bass at [church/garage band/home/etc.])
-Any timelines (I need a bass by _)
-Any other information that is relevant.

Q: Is it possible to play chords on a bass?
A: Yes, but it may take some time to find what sounds good. This and this are very good places to start.

Q: Is it hard to go from 4 string to 5 or 6 string?
A: Not really, it just takes a little getting used to. If you have small hands 6 string will be hard higher on the neck to play low strings.

Q: Where can I find bass lessons online?
A: Some good places to start are ultimate-guitar.com, harmony-central.com, and even YouTube!

If you would like a question to be added to this list, or have any suggestions/corrections about answers to the current questions, PM either nbfan, thesteve, or natedawg5280 .

My band - The Honeysliders

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