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Sit children and I will tell you an imcomplete story.

Once upon a time there was an amazing forum which was filled with teh funny and sarcasm. This place was once feared by the users of CGR. To say your thread had been sent to this forum was a shameful and degrading event. This place was called the Cheap Post Forum.
But then the users that been bannished to live in this disgraceful place soon learned this forum was not the hell hole that it was once thought to be. Rather a place that could be filled with joy and laughter. It soon began to flurish an dfilled with many threads telling of trials, and cities previously unknown. The largest thread of all in this forum was called "Proof". Wombats, and Kumquats were numerous. Many users loved this place and fellowship within it's posts. These are just a few of teh funnies and threads that ran wided and untamed. Levels of funny that normal man had never seen. And of course, the reason I am telling this story was the creation of the "I live in a Cave" Poll option. It was hear in this legendary place. Who created that poll that the cave option was first used? What was that poll about? I fear this will never be known.

For one day, the gods of CGR known as the Admins and the Esims looked upon this place of humor and fun and frowned on it. For while the users that lived there froliced in it's sarcasm and the uber level of funny, those raised in the outside world could not comprehend it and often became offended and hurt when they became the focus of Teh Funny. And so it happened that the Admins and Esims brought about their wrath and destroyed the forum, and thus cleansing the CGR.

The users were spared but forced to retreat to other forums such as the Gathering Place which was later renamed General Discussion. Other went to the Humor Forum but parished there because the humor there was primative and could not sustain them. Others moved to the Blogs once they were built, some simply disappeared.

Then one day, the Admins and Esims had mercy on the users. Though they could not bring back the original threads and funny's that once dominated the forum, they did start a new forum, which was given the title of Cheap Post Forum. The users rejoiced to have their forum back, though many of teh funnies had been lost. Some of the traditions and practices of the users survived because they were remembered and passed down the following generations, like the cave option.

Now, the Admins power is not felt as often as it once was. Though many know they are still present, they remain hidden. The Esims that ruled with the Admins soon obtained Admin status themselves, and new Esims where elected from the users and given power and authority over the forums. These new Esims became known as Smods, and the funny that once ran free in Cheap Post Forum remains lost, remembered by the few users that survived the great deletion of CPF.

Those that live on tells the tales much as I have told you. Some new users call the them crazy, and that what they speak about is only legend and mythology. That they have no proof of the funny that is said to have once lived in this place. But the old users do not give in, they know what they saw and experienced, and hope for a day when the funny will return and paradise will return.

And now, this is the end of my story.
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