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Andrew 10-28-2004 04:29 PM

Caedmon's Call - Share the Well
1. Intro
2. Share The Well
3. There's Only One (Holy One)
4. Jenny Farza
5. Mother India
6. International Love Song
7. All I Need (I Didn't Catch Her Name)
8. Los Hermanos count off
9. Volcanoland
10. The Roses
11. Mirzapur Group
12. Bombay Rain
13. The Innocent's Corner
14. Sarala
15. Punjabi Group with Joseph D'Souza
16. Wings Of The Morning
17. Dalit Hymn

<b>For more information on Caedmon's Call, click <a href=>here.</a></b>

georgeo 11-27-2004 04:15 PM

This album conquered all of my doubts about Caedmon's Call, their addition of Andrew Osenga, and their making of an album based on world music.

Caedmon's Call's sound on this album is very pleasant. Andrew Osenga seems to have spiced up the mix enough to add elements of new musical creativity.

The lyrics are thought provoking and draw the listener to think about the problems of injustice in the world.

Irockforchrist 12-15-2004 03:43 PM

I just got this cd yesterday and i can't get enough of it. This is an amazing cd, with amazing stories, and awesome music. Anyone looking at this who doesn't have this cd, get out there right now and buy it! I said NOW!!! Who knew that Folk/Rock/World music would sound so awesome?

Nate 12-15-2004 06:18 PM


Originally Posted by Irockforchrist
Who knew that Folk/Rock/World music would sound so awesome?

*raises hand*

There's not much else I'd rather listen to, actually. :)

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